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Good morning and welcome to March!

I have spent the last few days in Vegas at the annual conference for The Institute of Wedding and Portrait Photography.  It has been a fun and hectic few days and I feel like my head will explode if I don’t commit to trying some of the new and exciting ideas I have come back with!!  Look out for new and exciting things over the coming months.

This month the latest and greatest comes from a wonderful family session I had recently, a really fun shoot in one of my favorite all year round locations!

As the heading for the email says, yellow is the color of spring and I have also included a postcard below that includes a few images taken in the stunning yellow California gold fields.

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For the photographer in you is different this month and I have decided to highlight a fantastic photographer that I have been inspired by recently. If you don’t know who he is you will definitely know who he has photographed....his name is Anton Platon.

Finally my own little ditty contains a view images I took of our blossoming magnolia tree. I just love how spectacular these flowers are and hope you feel that I have been able to capture a sliver of their beauty with my camera.

I would love to hear from you and of course, your cheers on Facebook and Instagram 😊

Thanks so much for reading, and have a wonderful March!

~ Tracey xxx

Latest and Greatest

I always love it when families are able to take advantage of getting together with loved ones that are visiting and book me to capture a few moments of their time together.  With many families having members scattered across states or even countries, it is such a pleasure for me to photograph them when they reunite. I try to dissolve the awkwardness that often follows my camera at the beginning of a shoot and encourage and capture the natural love and emotion the families feel between them.
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For the Photographer in You - Anton Platon

This month I thought I'd do some thing a little different for this section and write about a current, inspiring photographer I love!  He really has photographed so many of today’s movers and shakers from Obama to Putin!  He sits them all on the same rough cut box and finds a way to connect with them.  He commented that he ‘Looks for a moment when you are as close to the soul as possible’.  He talks about looking for emotion and connection and for that person to open up to reveal themselves…..and for that to happen you have to earn it!  Through that connection and feeling he creates he believes that there is just a chance you (the viewer of the portrait) are going to feel something too.  You can  read more about Anton in this article

Netflix original series - 'The Art of Design' features great artists in different areas of design from architecture to Nike shoes and includes a program on Anton Platon, the portrait photographer - advertised as - 'Platon’s fearless portraits capture the souls of world leaders and ordinary people. A shoot with Gen. Colin Powell provides a window into his process.'

Good luck!!

Little Ditty About My Own Camera Fun - Our Magnolia Tree

I can't help but take photographs of our gorgeous majestic Magnolia tree in full bloom, - the flowers are so pretty and the fact that they are in fuil bloom when there are no levaes on the tree just adds to the dramatic look.

It's amazing how the colors and look and feel of an image can change with a slight adjustment in the shooting angle.  You might think that the colors in the images below are a result of post processing, but that isn't the case.  I think two things were going on here...firstly the blue sky behind makes for a more dramatic contrast between the natural pinks and browns of the Magnolia tree making the colors look more vibrant.  In addition, I always try to shoot with the sun in front of me, so my subject is a little backlit.  The closer to get to shooting 'into' the sun, the less contrast the images have and the more flare they get giving them a softer more whimsical look....great if you want it, but not if you don't!!!
Quote of the Month

"Every child is an artist.  The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.” ― Pablo Picasso
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