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Good morning everyone and welcome to April.  Every year I look forward to spring, but it always seems to surprise me with its beauty!  This is especially true for this year, probably because of the rain we have had.  People have reported that the wild flowers that are normally so spectacular in Death Valley are this year experiencing a 'super bloom'! 

April brings exciting news from me!  Well in my little geeky way anyway....I have just purchased software that can make use of client images from their house or general library images and can display the clients favorite images from our shoot on the wall in their house...or at a least the image of the wall!  I am stoked about this because normally it is so difficult to relate wall art sizes to the size they will actually look like on a wall.  Check out the latest and greatest to find out more!  This months special is also all about the new software....more details below.

The new blog will focus on California Poppies in April...they are so gorgeous with the blue skies  Don't forget to sign up so you don't miss out on any new releases - read more below.

My little ditty continues with the flower theme of spring and I have included a few shots of our pink Azalea's - they are right at the their peak now and are so striking!

As always, thanks so much for reading and enjoy April.

~ Tracey xxx

Latest and Greatest
I wanted to dedicate this month's latest and greatest to letting you know about a new tool I have for choosing and displaying wall art.  Even as a photographer, I find it difficult to imagine what my canvases and frames will look like on a wall; what sizes work and how images relate to one another when they are placed together.  The only real way to do this is to print them out and move them around like those puzzles where you slide the pieces to the correct place to make the image.  This software does exactly that!!!  I can use either a photo of a real wall or an example from the software library, either way, the sizes are proportional to the size of the wall and furniture so you can immediately see if the size fits your space!!!  So cool!  Take a look at the examples below - 
April Opportunities...
April Special Offer...

Existing and future clients...I would love to get together to walk through your image gallery and show you examples of art on one of your walls!  Plus 10% discount off all physical products during the month of April....So go ahead....get those images off the disk and onto the wall, you won't regret it!

Offer Ends - 30th April 2016
Offers cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer
Blog - 'Capture This - California Poppies'
The 'Capture This' blog continues to be popular and I am continuing to focus on flowers and blossom.  April I will turn the lens to California poppies..there out there in abundance at the moment and seem to spring up in the most unlikely this one below.  So don't miss out...join the blog and see more of the local flowers! Don't forget I include all my setting and my thoughts as I go through the process of improving my images of the chosen subject.
Click on the link below to sign up or just send me an email -
Sign me up to 'Capture This' Blog
Little Ditty About My Own Camera Fun - Pink Azalea
Another beautiful plant that is flowering at the moment is the Azaleas....Early morning sunlight coupled with a little bit of dew makes for just gorgeous subjects.  Macro photography is something I have always loved, but am just finding a little time to explore a bit at the are a few of my results!
Quote of the Month

'Seek out people to work with who are brimming with talent, energy, integrity, optimism, and generosity.' ~ Martha Stewart
And that's it for April!

Thanks for reading the April newsletter, do get in touch if there is anything you would like to know more about!


Tracey xx
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