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Happy New Year everyone and welcome to 2017!!  It's always so exciting bringing in the New Year....full of promise and a new start!  I hope it brings you everything you wish for!

The special this month is all about graduating seniors!! Check out the probably 'once only' offer for January below if you or your family have a senior graduating in 2018 or 2017, you can take advantage of getting some early senior photographs!

This month I am so excited about the 'for the photographer in you!!'  It's all about how computers recognize digital images.....nerdy? Yup, but interesting....heck yeh!  Maybe it's just me :-)

Dont miss my Little ditty.....from the stunningly beautiful Cape Town!

Thanks so much for reading,  remember to wrap up warm and I wish you all a very happy and successful 2017!!

~ Tracey xxx

Latest and Greatest

Thanks so much to this wonderful family, who asked me to photograph them recently.  I just love the relationship the three kids have and especially love how the older brother is so warm, gentle and loving with the girls...such a beautiful afternoon!
January Opportunities...
 January Graduating Senior Model Search!!

Are you a junior graduating in 2018 or even graduating this year?

For January only...senior student sessions qualify for this great offer and your best images will be used to advertise for senior photography shoots later on in 2017
Photography session only....$25 (normally $150)
Deadline for booking - January 31st  
Click on the image for more details.
Offer Ends - 31st January 2017
Offers cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer

For the Photographer in You - Indoor Models!!!

If you didn't snap it…it didn't happen! Is that the thought our narcissistic tendencies have created in the digital photography world? We consume events by quickly pulling out our phone and requesting the subjects 'look this way' and snap..there it is, forever changed and artificially captured.  For any scientists out there….writing this reminds me of something I learnt in school where some experiments can only be performed through an interaction and the interaction will inevitably change the properties of the observation!  Boo ya!  There it is…our event is changed!

Anyway…I am getting off topic.  My point from the above paragraph is that we have a huge number of snaps that sit on our digital devices, often never looked at again and certainly to be lost in the depths of our hard drive maze!

One of my New Year resolutions is to use more of my own personal images…share them, look at them, print them…comment on them with others!!! But how can we do that if it is so difficult to find anything!

I have done a little bit of research into this and one name kept popping up…Shoebox.  It launched in 2012 across all platforms - mac, android, IOS.  Photo organization has to be based on the data captured and then interpreted when we take a photo…i.e. automatic.  Lets face it, who has time to organize and categories photos!  You would be amazed by the amount of data captured with your humble snapshot…date, time, camera, exposure info, GPS location.  What is developing at great pace now, is the ability to recognize what is in a photo and categorizing based on the findings.  You can't believe how difficult this is for a computer...even a 2 year old can recognize an elephant!!  Kids take about 1 picture every 200 milliseconds.  If you'd like to learn a bit more about how computers are developing in this field listen to this ted talk from Fei Fei Li - - see the images below from the talk....the computer could recognize the objects in the busy photo and the make and model of the car, but made a bit of a mistake with the third image :-)  Image just how useful for organizing photos this is going to be!!! YAY, help is on the way.

I tried out the shoebox app - Storing low resolution files is free and if you want to store high resolution original files its just $5 per month.  You can use any of the stored data associated with your files to search, but it doesn't do any facial recognition….yet!

How did I get on?  You'll just have to check back in February!!

Little Ditty About My Own Camera Fun - South Africa

I couldn't resist sharing a few images from Table mountain in Cape Town during our trip there!  All of these images are on the mountain (apart from the first) and it seemed that everywhere we looked there was something majestic and breathtaking to behold!!  The colors, the natural little and large rock gardens, the wildlife and of course the views!!!  The last image is a photograph of the top of the cable car (yes, you can go up the mountain with very little effort) from MacClears Beacon which is the highest can see the cable car as a tiny square in the top right of the image.  I can tell you that's it's definitely further than it looks!!
Quote of the Month

I had to share a comment my daughter made on holiday when we weren't able to take the pictures I wanted...

’’Mummy, you have the best camera of all...your mind!’’ Jennifer Medcalfe

:-) so wise!!!  I think it might be true for many, but I'm not sure my memory is quite up to the sharpness of hers!!
And that's it for January!

I hope you have a wonderful and prosperous 2017 and thank you so much for all your support and interest!


Tracey xx
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