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Hello everyone and welcome to February.

There's lots of energy in this months newsletter with highlights from a shoot at the new Cyclebar in Berkeley as well as images from bursting banks and lush green plants exploding all over the local area.

The monthly special embraces Valentine's Day and offers a great deal on a gift 🎁 for your partner for Valentines or use it for any other photo needs!

For the photographer in you, hopefully answers a couple of questions I have received recently from a variety of people on where to start with learning a bit more about photography.

That's it for February, thanks for reading and do get in touch with questions or photography needs.


~ Tracey xxx

Latest and Greatest

I wanted to share some of the images from a shoot I did recently!  I'm sure you have worked out that although I do shoot in various locations including stage performances, my location of choice is normally outdoors!!  And these are no different!!  This is from the photo shoot for the opening of the Cyclebar in Berkeley - a great place to pedal the stresses of life away and has the bonus that you stay dry from all the rain while doing it!!  The instructors were amazing..such a fun filled group of young people!! Thank you so much for being such gorgeous models and for allowing me to photograph you!!
February Opportunities...
 Valentines Gift Voucher Special!!

Are you struggling with what to get for partner for Valentines Day?  Has it been sometime since you updated your family photographs?  Did you mean to get some photos done last year, but already your into February with no sign of any family or business headshot photos?  Is your child about to take part in a tournament or performance that you would like to capture forever?

Buy a photo shoot voucher in February for only $120!! The voucher is worth $150 and can be used for any 1-2 hour shoot.  Plus the voucher is valid for a whole year!

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That's a saving of $30 on a normal gift voucher or shoot!!
Offer Ends - 28th February 2017
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For the Photographer in You -
Help!!! I want to know how to take better photographs!!!

I often have people ask me, questions like, how do i get better at taking photographs, or what would you recommend that I do to start leaning more about photography?

My Dad always used to say when I first started golf....that he wouldn't let me play with any other clubs until I could make a decent round with a 7 iron!!  What!!!  Now, with my more mature outlook (don't laugh), I can see the wisdom of this statement!!  I think of the 50mm lens in photography as the 7 iron in golf.  Stay with me here...if you googled how to take better photographs, you would end up with 8,300,000 results....not very helpful.  You could of course pick a narrower topic, which will hopefully lead you in the right direction, such as how to understand my camera, which by the way seems like a narrower question, but results in 104,000,000 links!!!   

If you prefer to take a more hands on approach, get a half decent camera and play with it!  Research topics as you come across them practically.  

Assuming you have a camera that you can adjust the settings on and not just an iPhone.  Another suggestion I have would be to invest in a 50mm lens for the camera.  They are very reasonable - Nikon - $135 and Canon - $126 for an aperture of 1.8.  This lens is tack sharp and has no zoom i.e. it's a prime lens.  But it is very versatile....a bit like our 7 iron :-)  It will force you to move around your subject to get what you want in the frame and with an aperture of 1.8, assuming you switch to manual control, it will help you to understand any aspects of the controls you have in taking an image.  So...treat yourself :-)

Little Ditty About My Own Camera Fun - Lush and Destruction in the East Bay

Here are a few images from my recent hikes around the local area.  its so lovely to hear the sound of water gushing around the hills.  In the 4 years we've been here, I've never seen this much rain before and also never seen so much destruction from the water!!  The second image is from the path in the Morgan Territory park off Finley road....I can tell you that the chasm where the water was falling was about 10 feet deep!!!  I did tread very lightly over the top for fear of more of it collapsing!!  The image with the sign, it at the Live Oak campground just below Rock City, where a huge tree collapsed and completely blocked the summit trail from there.
Quote of the Month

My art teacher always used to go on about drawing what you see and not what you think you see.  Our minds are always so good at getting rid of information that they don't think is relevant to the image and filling in the gaps...sometimes it takes retraining ourselves to ensure that we see what is really there!! I love this quote...

’’To take pictures is not the same as to see.  To hear is not the same as to listen’’ Fei Fei Li
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