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Ahhhh, the sound of rain as i write this makes me feel like i am back in England :-) and lovely to see the green color in the hills appearing.

Dr Seuss, Justin Bieber, Louis Sacher, Vincent Van Gogh and Big Bird all share March as their birth month….and of course it is home to St Patricks day.  It is said that St Patrick connected the 3 leaves of the shamrock to the holy trinity so that he could explain the religious concept!  Perhaps less known, is the fact that he was actually British and when he was a child raiders came from Ireland and took him from Britain!  St Patricks day is now celebrated across the globe and is used as a good excuse to celebrate all things Irish…including partying!

Another March claim to fame involves the invention of Coca cola in 1886…where would be be without it!

This weeks newsletter has some fun things….find out about fashionista photo shoot parties or how to know if your digital image file is large enough to make a good print?  Or just enjoy the pictures.

Happy March and St Patricks Day!

Tracey xx

Latest and Greatest

I am working with a friend at the moment to put together a package for portrait parties.  Together, we did a party for my oldest daughter and some of her friends.  The girls all brought 3 outfits and after hair, makeup and nails were attended to by our trendy teenager, they paraded their outfits to music and flashing paparazzi cameras.  What a blast….we were amazed how the girls got in the groove so naturally!
We will be making these really fun parties available to purchase so…watch this space for opening offers…here are a few of the pictures.

More Than Portraits...
Below are some other aspects of my business photography.
March Offer

ALL bookings made in March include a FREE framed 8 x 10 photo of their choice from the edited collection

Got it covered? –

Ever want to make sure you capture an event that you or your child is in – ballet, soccer, gymnatics?  Often, it is impossible to photograph the moment whilst experiencing it and sometimes you just can’t photograph it…like stage performances.  Get in touch if you have something in mind…you may find that its not as expensive as you think to get it covered.

Referral Opportunities

My ongoing opportunity to win a free photo shoot.…for each referral you make that confirms a booking I will enter your name in a hat. At the end of each month, I will draw a name out of the hat…the winner will receive a free photo shoot session, worth $150

For the Photographer In You - Image Resolution OR Why are my printed images not as clear as on my screen?

Have you ever tried to download and image form the Internet and try to print it….and oh dear…the results are not good - the image isn't nearly as clear on paper as it is on the screen! 

The reason for this is what is called image resolution.  This term means how many of your image pixels will fit inside an inch of paper when printed.  Printed images need many more pixels per inch than computer, phone or tablet.   

It is generally accepted that 300 pixels per inch results in a good quality print.  Lets take a look at our shamrock above in Photoshop - 
This image looks like it has 1080 pixels width and 715 height, which is a total of 772,200 altogether or almost 1Megapixel….sounds like a lot right?
This is just fine on the screen but look at the printing size – for a width of 15 x 9 inches, it is showing only 72 pixels per inch…not even close to our needed value at 300.  We can change the size of the print to give us the necessary 300 pixels per inch, but look at what happens to the print size – it shrinks to only 3.6 x 2.4 inches – not very big!
So how many pixels do we need to print a 6 x 4 image with our necessary 300dpi?  This comes out at 1800 width (300 X 6) and 1200 height (300 x 4) which in total is 2,160,000 or the more familiar 2.1 Megapixels….easily achievable with phones and cameras on the market today!
And there you have it…the mystery removed.

So what can we do about our picture that doesn't have enough pixels to make a good print?  Unfortunately…nothing.  The information simply isn't there in the image file.
And that's it for March!

Thanks so much for reading my newsletter and I look forward to hearing any comments you might have.


Tracey xx
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