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Is it me or are we racing through 2014?  I couldn’t resist this opportunity to mention that on the 18th Aug, the Wizard of Oz premiered in 1939 – wow!  Is it really that old – 75 years!!
A colorful reason to celebrate a day in August is watermelon day on the 3rd….I would love to know what kinds of things people do to celebrate this!!  It's actually an object I've been meaning to shoot for fun....wqtch this space for some future developments!
Another point of interest amongst birthdays and memorable events…August the 1st marks the day that ‘Switzerland’ was founded in 1291.  Today over 7 million people make this beautiful country their their home and it boasts a peaceful, prosperous and stable, modern market economy.
The August newsletter continues with the holiday theme for 'For the photographer in you'; I have outlined some fun products that you can create with your holiday snaps and links to help to find out more about them.

There are some great offers to take a look at and as always, please do get in touch if you would like to know more about anything,

Tracey xx

Latest and Greatest - 'Wicked' Photography

I always try my best to make time to shoot kids theatre performances I have the opportunity to be involved with.  I don't know if it's the costumes or the performance or the energy or a combination of everything, but I find them so engaging to shoot.  My favorite photography involves capturing glimpses of people and particularly children, when they are showing a little of their character and are completely unaware of camera, theatre certainly offers plenty of these!

Below are a couple of shots from a recent Kids'n'Dance Wicked performance
August Opportunities...
Fashionista Party Booking

Do you have a daughter who's birthday is coming up?  We would be happy to take all the work away and entertain the little...or big fashionistas for you. All fashionista parties booked in August will receive a free high resolution digital photo from the party gallery (worth $50).  Get in touch to find out more!
August Offer

ALL bookings made in August include a FREE high resolution digital photo from your gallery!!!
Performing Arts Photography

Do you have an event that your child is involved in? Perhaps Frozen theatre or a dance recital?  If you would like me to photograph it, get in touch…i can cover most events for free and the organiser will get a free gallery of low resolution shots to share.
Offers cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer
For the Photographer In You - Holiday Snaps - Now What do I do With Them?

Okay, so you went on holiday...Isn’t it always the way, we spend great holidays with family and friends, take lots of photos, 10 shots of the kids on a ride, 20 shots of them standing by a monument, 37 shots of that beautiful sunset and then get home and do.….nothing!  They are lucky if they make it off the device that captured them…be it a phone or camera.   It’s definitely a little extra work and requires finding some spare time, but it is well worth it to create something out of the photos.  Here are a few examples, which make great products –
- make a book – is a great website where you can create a book with your images and include text as well.  The quality of the books is great!  Another option doing a similar thing is
- travel journal - of course it's nice to make a journal as you weave your way through your can be added as you go or at the end if there is some processing to do.  All you have to do then, is get it printed.  'Day One' is a great journal app for the iPhone and ipad and they have just launched a MAC application as well so you can back it up and keep it at home once you have done the hard work on the move.

- mixing video, photos and audio - if this is what you like, animoto is a really cool app that allows you do this – you can create multimedia slideshows that you can share through social media platforms or burn to disk.

Another interesting supplier, although I have to admit I haven't tried them yet, is They have all sorts of fun products to create with photos, videos and music.  Collages, personalised cards etc.  once you have made your creation, you can either share it or print it.

Quote of the Month

'A heart is not judged by how much you love; but by how much you are loved by others' ~ the Wonderful Wizard of Oz
August Project

Create a product to enjoy - like one of the ones suggested above from your holiday snaps!

This is definitely one I am going to do myself! :-)
And that's it for August!

Thank you for reading my August newsletter, do get in touch if there is anything you would like to know more about!

Best wishes,

Tracey xx
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