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e-news Issue 19 May 2015
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Autumn News

It's the same story every newsletter and that being how fast the year is flying as time goes fast when you are having fun! And fun is indeed the cornerstone theme for this newsletter as much fun has been shared across Gold Coast's catchments. The other element is inspiration and how our members continually inspire us and the community to give back to Gold Coast's catchments. 

In our last newsletter we discussed what was in our scope for 2015: Gold Coast's Biggest Tree Planting Day, City of Gold Coast sponsored programs, support for the annual Catchment Crawl and our 'Connect Our Members' strategy. Another key action was inspiring youth to take action in Landcare-inspired initiatives and connect with our members with coordinating a Landcare Leadership Retreat for students.

Let's just say all the above has either happened or is happening, and more. So, grab yourself a cuppa and enjoy the latest news from the Gold Coast Catchment Association. It surely is exciting!

Remember that our next meeting is held on Thursday 11th June at 6pm at Country Paradise Parklands. All members are welcome, please confirm your attendence by emailing - 

We hope to catch up with you soon!

From the committee,
The Gold Coast Catchment Association 

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Gold Coast's Biggest Tree Planting Day

10,000 plants, 350+ volunteers, wildlife shows, BBQ and a single-use plastic free water trailer means that the waterway at Country Paradise Parklands is almost award-winning

Before we share the award-winning news... that's right... Gold Coast's Biggest Tree Planting went off with a hoot on Sunday 29th March at Country Paradise Parklands. The close partnership between Nerang Riverkeepers, the City of Gold Coast and ourselves ensured the event happened seamlessly. Best of luck to all deserving finalists!

There were new additions to this year's event with a saltwater crocodile (no kidding!), alongside various market stalls to showcase the environmental talent and community organisations on the Gold Coast. 

Check out the photos here!

A big thank you to the supporting partners including: Healthy Waterways, Regen Australia, Bunnings, City of Gold Coast, Nerang Riverkeepers, Gold Coast Catchment Association, Landcare Australia and Neutrogena Naturals. 

Now for the award-winning news: the event has the listed as a finalist in Healthy Waterways Awards. Make sure you get your Vote in for the People's Choice Award as Nerang Riverkeepers could pocket $1000 (for 1000 more plants!). Follow the link and look out for the Gold Coast's Biggest Tree Planting Days' nomination under the Community Stewardship tab. Best of luck to all deserving finalists. 
Last chance to book your spot on Gold Coast's Catchment Crawl!

Friday 29th May, 9am - 4pm. 

This year’s catchment crawl will be making three stops:
+ First up is Elanora Wetland Site ( starting and finishing point)
The Elanora Wetland Bushcare Group will give participants an overview of the history of the group, their activities and a walk through part of the site
 + Secondly is a stop to Hinze Dam / Fish Migration facilities
Seqwater staff will facilitate this section – Linda to liaise with Christel at Seqwater
 + Third stop is at Numinbah Valley Community Hall ( this will be after lunch at the Numinbah Valley Café). Then Jim Rebgetz will facilitate this section and provided an overview of restoration works at a site on Nerang River. 

If you want to book your spot please email Linda Durham:
Regen Australia has come onboard as a partner of the Gold Coast Catchment Association to provide our members discounts on selected native plants. For more information please visit or drop into their native nursery - 178 Gooding Drive, Merrimac and follow the signs to the back of Plantmark. 
Have you visited the Gold Coast and Hinterland Historical Society Museum in Surfers Paradise? 

Nested between Bundall and Surfers Paradise in Elliot Street it contains a nationally significant collection of Gold Coast's early days. There are historical photos, books, clothes and a traditional cottage and native garden. The site itself was originally an Aboriginal gathering place and then became a cemetery for local workers in the sugar cane fields. It's worth the trip down memory lane. 

The museum and gardens are open every Sunday from 10am - 3pm, $5 entry for Adults and Children are Free. Address: 8 Elliott Street, Surfers Paradise (off Bundall Rd)

Gold Coast and Hinterland Historical Society is a member of the Gold Coast Catchment Association.
Go Green with Naturally GC is ANOTHER opportunity for you to connect, discover and explore the natural beauty of the Gold Coast. 

From guided walks and talks to special hands on activities, nature and adventure is only a click away - click here to explore the natural GC. 

Feeling intrepid?
Gold Coast Intrepid Landcare carving futures on the Gold Coast 

In March, we proudly supported a Gold Coast Landcare Leadership retreat with supporting partners: North East Albert Landcare, the Regional Landcare Faciliator through SEQ Catchments, QWaLC, Illawarra Intrepid Landcare and Landcare Australia's Neutrogena Naturals sponsorship. 

Hosted over a weekend, National Landcare Ambassadors Naomi Edwards and Megan Rowlatt inspired 12 local youth with a series of Landcare taste testers including a bush tucker walk and talk with Glen Leiper, Community Organic Food Growing at Peachey Community Garden, stories shared by North East Albert Landcare, and an inspiring pitch by Megan Rowlatt who has been driving youth engagement in Landcare for the south east region of NSW. And an afternoon hike up a more than steep hill to enjoy the northern vistas, make your own pizzas and a lifechanging documentary meant the weekend was jam-packed... yet, we still found time to host a leadership workshop to discover people's passions and dreams for their local environment. 
Check out the photos from the Retreat! 

Since then, all youth have working on various projects and it is exciting to share them with you! 

+ Responsible Divers: to inspire divers to clean up waterways and connect other dive and clean up groups
+ Youth 4 Beaches: Briody Fahey founded Youth 4 Beaches last year and we will be supporting her endeavours to inspire other youth to care for beaches and oceans. 
+ Rivermount College Mass River Restoration project: Inspired by Gold Coast's Biggest Tree Planting Day... Elijah, Luke and Zoey has submitted a proposal to their school to support 2km of river restoration, two mass school planting days, open access to the river AND interpretative signage for their get to be named 'river walk'. 
+ Southport SHS: Val and Mac are implementing a school-scale 0-waste initiative to encourage students to compost their scraps and recycle, while reduce the use of single-use plastics. 

AND... all while they launch Gold Coast Intrepid Landcare! There is no stopping the dream for this bunch of local youth. As Gold Coast Intrepid Landcare is about inspiring young, awesome, enthusiastic people to take care of Gold Coast’s environment while exploring the outdoors, having fun and making friends! By attending festivals, expos and supporting members of the Gold Coast Catchment Association they hope to recruit and connect local youth to the many amazing causes carving a sustainable future - for youth and the planet. 

A big congratulations to the new group and especially Juliet Saltmarsh and Paula van Breda who are leading the way for the group. If you wish to get into contact with them please email: Paula van Breda - and Juliet Saltmarsh - 


My land, My home is SEQ Catchments' exciting new initiative designed for people managing properties of 1-40 hectares. There are a series of courses delivered by experts to help you make those big decisions around what you need to do to best prioritise your spending, clarify your responsibilities as a landholder and keep your property healthy, beautiful and safe for you and your family to enjoy. To join them for the upcoming course series in Robina (starts early June) and take advantage of the introductory 20% discount offer. See the attached flyer for more information or visit  

Have you seen a Platypus? Want to see a Platypus? Get involved with PlatypusWatch so we can develop a reliable ‘snapshot’ of platypus populations on the Gold Coast.

PlatypusWatch is a community-based program that aims to document where platypus occur to identify where conservation actions are needed – now and in the future – to protect this very special animal.

The best way to get involved is by contacting Natalie Hoskins: or vist:

Clean Up The Pin

We recently supported Jacobs Well Fishing Club's award-winning annual Clean Up The Pin event. This involved providing a presentation on marine debris at their monthly committee meeting, supporting media and communications, marine debris counters and some reporting through our partnership with Tangaroa Blue Foundation. 

It was a successful event with over 60 volunteers supporting the clean up. Approximately 30 trailer loads of marine debris was collected from across the Jumpinpin passage including tents, chairs, bbq, tyres, plastics and recreational fishing debris, among much more. 

A video will be launched in the coming months to showcase the clean up and to encourage more participation and partners for next years signature clean up. 

This event was proudly supported by the City of Gold Coast, QLD Wildlife and Parks, Hooked Online, The Flying Pie Man, Jacbos Well Bayside Tavern and Healthy Waterways. 

Inspiration goes a long way, especially when there is a vision. Wal and Heather Mayr are visionaries on a landscape scale with having spent more than 20 years restoring their property back to the once endemic rainforest.

They caught up with the City of Gold Coast's Nature Conservation Assistance Program to share their story. 

The valley of once Lantana is currently in major restoration

"37 years ago Wal and Heather Mayr bought their property in the then remote Austinville valley.  They were attracted by the wild feel of the landscape and the beautiful creek that ran through the property.

In the early years it was just weekend visits and a bit of brush cutting and no real understanding of the flora and fauna.  It was only as they slowly learned more about their environment did they realise that the property had been logged and farmed, and then left to be taken over by weeds.  In 1999 they became early members of the newly formed Land for Wildlife scheme.  They worked closely with Land for Wildlife officer, Darryl Larsen and their new neighbour Dave Blomfield, and slowly developed a better understanding of their environment.  It was at this time that they fully realised the extent of the massive weed problem over their 25 hectare property."

Read more here!

Do you need to report non-urgent issues to the City of Gold Coast? For instance, seen graffiti, illegal dumping, uneven foot paths? 

You can report an issue in the city from anywhere, at any time of the day. Simply open a report, take or select a photo, enter the details and submit. It’s that easy.

Follow the link for more info!

Gold Coast Green Week for 2015 is coming upon us at a maddening speed.  We need to all work together to get this information out into the community as much as possible, then we should very soon begin to see “Gold Coast Green Week” everywhere we go.

Please head to the website to check out the many events at

Green Week is a city-wide initiative held from 30th May - 7th June!


A big congratulations to those who fought to protect Swan Lake in Bundall, especially the Gold Coast Wildlife Association for the last minute inspiration to ensure the 11 of 14 Councillors voted to save the lake from becoming a carpark! Congratulations! ... now it's time to restore the lake. 
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