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GCCA e-News - Issue No. 13, April 2014

Catch up on Gold Coast’s catchment news

Easter Bilby time already?!

Did someone take February and March out of the calendar as April has sprung upon us already. That means Easter Bilby festivities will be here very soon, so without further ado what’s making news in the Gold Coast Catchment Association?
In this issue:
  • Connect to your creek week (Gold Coast Biggest Tree Planting Day)
  • PlatypusWatch
  • Bug on creepy creeper update
  • Blog post – The Republic Fights Back, by Wal Mayr 
  • SEQ Catchments news
  • City of Gold Coast news – Pest Management Unit
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Happy Easter!
From the Gold Coast Catchment Association committee

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Blog post: The Republic Fights Back, by Wal Mayr 

In 1963, I was in grade one at Broadbeach State School.  I walked from what is now central Broadbeach to school through sand dunes and heath land.  That soon changed.  We moved west and that soon converted to canal estates.  I now live in upper Mudgeeraba Creek in an area called Austinville.  Austinville is a self-proclaimed republic noted for its homemade whiskey, entertaining hall nights and the Anthem.  It’s also noted for a strong rearguard action in environmental restoration. Read more here…


Connect to your creek week:Gold Coast's Biggest Tree Planting Day

IT’S ABOUT TO HAPPEN AND NOW ALL WE NEED IS YOU (and your family, friends, people you know and the community organisation you may be involved in)!
Gold Coast’s Biggest Tree Planting Day is going to be a special day in more ways than one:
  1. 10,000 plants and 200m3 of mulch in one day
  2. Will complete a wetland project Nerang River Keepers started in 2013
  3. Plus, the fun to share as the holes will be dug and fertilised ready to plant
  4. Mulch at the edge of the planting areas
  5. An ALL DAY Bunnings BBQ
  6. Coffee Shop onsite
  7. Shade ports to relax
  8. And a beautiful tranquil setting to enjoy!
  9. Plus, help create a new wetland habitat, etc…
Though an event at this scale doesn’t happen overnight! Fortunately Nerang River Keepers and the Gold Coast Catchment Association secured some funding from the City of Gold Coast to help with the coordination and other logistical powers.
“Behind the scenes is has been a lot of hard yakka”, said Mark Tierney, the coordinator of Nerang River Keepers. “Most of the preparation work is done with just a few touch up sprays to complete. We have also dug 4000 holes and on target to have the next 6000 done a week or two before the big day. Half of the plants are ready in the nursery and are looking good and we have even found the time to get a start on fencing the causeway”.
It is power to the people to pull off Gold Coast’s Biggest Tree Planting Day, so make sure you don’t miss the event of year! Much appreciation to Nerang Rivers Keepers, City of Gold Coast, Healthy Waterways and Bunnings for making this event happen. For more information about Gold Coast’s Biggest Tree Planting Day click here and to find out more about Connect to your creek week – click here!


PlatypusWatch has been keeping timid across Gold Coast’s waterways while they prepare for another year of surveys to begin in May, as part of Healthy Waterways Connect to your creek week: 17th – 25th May.
Taking the drier than usual weather conditions over the summer into consideration as the lack of rain would have influenced the city-wide community surveys, recent rain has been welcomed by PlatypusWatch to help replenish the city’s catchments ready for survey time. Though, despite not having scheduled surveys, Natalie Hoskins, the PlatypusWatch Coordinator, has been maintaining on-going survey points to monitor populations and waterway health.
“I recently surveyed a Platypus at Austinville for almost 20minutes. This is good news for the Mudgeeraba catchment as it provides a good indicator that the lack of rain hasn’t impacted waterway health. Especially food sources such as macro invertebrates, which provide an overall assessment of water quality”, said Natalie.
“Though, we still have long way to go in the broader community as just after I surveyed Austinville I found an opera house trap. This is a huge worry for the local Platypus population and confirms the need for the next series of tasks, including onsite signage to inform the general public about the ecological sensitivities of our waterways”.
To get involved in PlatypusWatch, please contact Natalie Hoskins on 0419522207 or email

Bug on creepy creeper update

A series of workshops were completed in February where a few community champions took some bugs home to release at infested biocontrol monitoring sites. Two greenhouses are expected to arrive very soon and infected Cat’s claw creeper carry cages are in construction… so where are the Jewel Beetles?
It was unfortunate to hear that an ant outbreak at the Ecoscience Precinct had contaminated Liz Snow’s Jewel Beetle population and infected Cat’s claw creeper samples. As a result, all infected Cats’ claw creeper samples had to biologically destroyed, which delayed the distribution of bugs for a few months. However, the second round of bugs is due to be available in the coming weeks!
If you are interested in keeping up to date with the project it would be worthwhile to contact Naomi Edwards, the project coordinator, to ensure your contact details are listed for future updates. For more information, please visit our website.

SEQ Catchments news

SEQ Catchments Catching Up News is a great way to keep up to date about what’s happening across our catchments on the Gold Coast and region. For a quick snap shot:

  1. The 3rd Gold Coast Catchment Crawl: Sunday 13th April
  2. Community feedback on how we value our catchments
  3. Horse land management extended  
  4. Beetle in shining amour: fighting Cat’s claw creeper workshops update
  5. Managing landslips workshop

For more information about SEQ Catchments please contact Linda Durhman, the Community Partnerships Manager:


City of Gold Coast news: Pest Management Unit 

The City of Gold Coast’s Pest Management Unit recently developed a Draft Gold Coast Pest Management Plan 2013 – 2017 to help pave a way to best manage pest species across the city. The Draft Plan is currently being ticked off by the State Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry as it is governed by State legislation.
In the meantime, the Pest Management Unit has been rolling out specific species target strategies, such as Bitou Bush and Mexican Bean Tree and is the acting three-party for the Bug-on creepy creeper project.
As a healthy environment relies on controlling pest plants and animals that can pose a human health risk, the work of Pest Management Unit is essential to help management ‘nuisance species’. To find out more about Pest Management Unit please visit – click here!
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