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e-news Issue 20 September 2015
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Spring News

It's Spring! The birds are singing, flowers are blooming and we've had some luck with rain. This year is seriously flying in fast forward so we better get on with our e-news to update you on what has been happening across the Gold Coast and beyond! 

Since our Autumn News e-newsletter we've had some changes to the committee. We officially welcomed Brad Stewart, a recent Griffith University Environmental Planning graduate and past intern as secretary. It is great to see more young people taking management positions and seeking real-world experience in natural resource management. Another young person on the committee is good news for succession planning and it also means our meetings are becoming more vibrant and energetic. 

 To continue our youthful theme we'd like to congratulate Rivermount College and Gold Coast Intrepid Landcare for completing their first major tree planting project. Three students from the College, who attended the Gold Coast Landcare Leadership Retreat for students in March co-designed a school-based Landcare project with planting 2000 plants at their school and running a river walkway naming competition. They recently completed the project which was showcased at College's Spring Fair. Their next action is to raise funds / grants to buy a pontoon so they can access the Albert River for water quality testing and recreational activities. 

We recently hosted SEQ Catchments CEO Simon Warner and Regional Body Operations manager Louise Orr at our August meeting. They were impressed with the young blood in the room and the diversity of projects, groups and organisations we support. They updated us on their recent regional body operations re-structure and how they will continue to support natural resource management for the southern part of south-east Queensland. Our current first point of contact is Joel Bolzenius who has a wealth of knowledge about the region. It was sad to see Linda Durham finish up in June after six (6) years of dedicating her passion and energy to the protection of our local environment and wish her all the very best for her next chapter! 

With much excitement and positive action, we will leave it here with one more reminder and that being that everyone is welcome to attend our bi-monthly meetings held at Country Paradise Parklands in Nerang - our next meeting is held on Thursday 8th October at 6pm. Our meetings go for approximately 1.5 hrs and they are a great way to stay in the loop and share your projects, causes and vision. And if you didn't attend our AGM last year make sure you keep Saturday 28th November free - we will send out invitations in the coming month. 

All members are welcome, please confirm your 
attendance by emailing -

We hope to catch up with you soon!

From the committee,
The Gold Coast Catchment Association 

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Did you know... 

... human hair is ending up in our waterways and is causing an impact on local bird life? Rowely from Wild Bird Rescue Gold Coast has been rescuing numerous flight capable birds with human hair wrapped around their feet. 

Think twice before you let your locks go down the drain! 


Please visit to find a wealth of information about native birds. Pictures and videos are also available at Wild Bird Rescues GOLD COAST Facebook. Read his blog story on our website here!

For more information please contact Rowley // President Wild Bird Rescues GOLD COAST // 0438-823100 //  6am-9pm // 7 days a week.

Rowley rescues approximately 1500 flight capable birds a year - that's over three (3) a day. You can help support his cause by donating to Wild Bird Rescue Gold Coast - click here.
Regen Australia has come onboard as a partner of the Gold Coast Catchment Association to provide our members discounts on selected native plants. For more information please visit or drop into their native nursery - 178 Gooding Drive, Merrimac and follow the signs to the back of Plantmark. 
Do you have a story to share or love to write? We are currently seeking writers / bloggers to capture and share the many inspiring stories about those caring, restoring and protecting Gold Coast's environment. To find out how you can contribute email
Go Green with Naturally GC is ANOTHER opportunity for you to connect, discover and explore the natural beauty of the Gold Coast. 

From guided walks and talks to special hands on activities, nature and adventure is only a click away - click here to explore the natural GC. 

It's Landcare Week!

Landcare Week is an annual celebration that encourages everyone, wherever they live and whatever they do, to get involved in the Landcare community and help protect and restore Australia's environment.

You can get involved in one of the many events happening across our beautiful Gold Coast city. 

There are four major events happening on Saturday 12th September. To find out more follow the links. 

Post and share your photos with hash tag #gclandcare2015

A massive congratulations to Nerang Riverkeepers and Naomi Edwards for recently being awarded with Queensland Landcare awards for their dedication and leadership in the Landcare community. 

Nerang Riverkeepers - best Queensland Landcare community group 
Naomi Edwards - Young Landcare Leader 2015

Nerang Riverkeepers is extremely proud of the achievement and would like to acknowledge everyone who has supported them, in particular, their Gold Coast's Biggest Tree Planting Day. 

Both award recipients will be hot contenders at the National Landcare Awards in 2016. It's great to see the Gold Coast be represented in Landcare! Congratulations to all other award recipients and finalists. 

Keen PlatypusWatch volunteers recorded nine (9) Platypus during recent surveys held in August. This is great news for PlatypusWatch and the avid citizen scientists who patiently wait alongside our freshwater creeks hoping to see one of David Attenborough's favourite natural curiosities - a Platypus! 

PlatypusWatch is a community-based program that aims to document where Platypus occur to identify where conservation actions are needed – now and in the future – to protect this very special animal. The next community surveys will be held in April 2016!

The best way to get involved is by contacting Natalie Hoskins: or vist:

Did you know for the last 10 years dedicated community volunteers have tested the water quality of waterways across the Gold Coast and Scenic Rim areas?

Who knows about this? Not many…

This is why the Gold Coast Catchment Association has recently re-launched the Community Water Quality Monitoring Program to inspire local waterway champions to monitor the health of our local waterways. Previously coordinated by SEQ Catchments, we hope by re-birthing the independent community program we’ll be able pick it up and breathe new life into it to raise awareness about the importance of our waterways. Our aims are simple: keep volunteers keen, support new interest and inspire all to spread the word about the importance of waterways.

How to get involved? There are many ways you can get involved: 

– Monitor your local waterway
– Support a volunteer
– Help spread the word: become a Waterway Ambassador

Click here to visit the website. 

Spring Clean Broadbeach

The wider Gold Coast community came together on Saturday 5th of September for the Surfrider Foundation “Spring Clean Broadbeach”, Barefoot Wine Beach Rescue Project at Kurrawa Surf Life Saving Club and launch of the Cash for Containers campaign.

This event was coordinated between Gecko-Gold Coast Hinterland & Environment Council ably assisting Surfrider Foundation in attracting non-profit organisations from all over the Gold Coast.

“We were stoked that so many people representing so many organisations attended and helped clean up 38 bags of rubbish,” said Greg Howell, President of Surfrider Foundation and event organiser, it was unfortunate the weather decided to play up, but you have to expect that in spring.”
The event was also highlighting a forthcoming Cash for Containers scheme outlined by Toby Hutcheon of the Boomerang Alliance to the eager crowd about the enormous benefits to community organisations of collecting bottles and cans that can be redeemed at 10c per item. In South Australia 120 people are employed by the Scout movement who raise $40mil from this activity and in Queensland it is estimated that a turnover of $100Mil and 5-600 jobs per year, so there are clear practical benefits to the community for such a scheme. Importantly the bottles and cans no longer end up in landfill sites or littering our open spaces.
Lois Levy, Vice President of Gecko urged those present to spread the word about the scheme throughout the community so that the response to the Government discussion paper due out early in 2016 will be a positive one.
Griffith University student Ashley Pilkinton interning for Surfrider Foundation interviewed attendees with a survey she created to find out what people new about a Cash for Container scheme and the results were:
·         53% were shocked to hear that Queensland is the dirtiest state in Australia
·         72% agreed with Mayor Tom Tate that Gold Coast needs to improve drastically our recycling rate
·         52% didn’t know that South Australia has a recycling rate of 80%, while Queensland is lagging behind with only 40%
·         76% were familiar with a Cash for Container scheme
·         88% thought a Cash for Container scheme would reduce the amount of litter to our beaches, waterways and parklands.

“I’m not surprised by the result of the survey, said Mr. Howell, “we just need to get everyone up to speed and spread the word of the benefits. Once the leaders of the organisations that attended were given the facts the feeling was very positive with all requesting to join the Boomerang Alliance. We will have a Cash for Container scheme in Queensland so let your local politician know that you’d like it to happen sooner than later.
City of Gold Coast Council as No. 1 tourist destination in Australia will benefit enormously from the scheme as will all cafés and catering businesses, tourist destinations.”
Organisations who attended the event:
Surfrider Foundation, Gecko-Gold Coast Hinterland & Environment Council, Boomerang Alliance , Boomerang Bags, Responsible Runners, Sea Shepherd, Intrepid Landcare, Labrador Scout Group, Nerang Girl Guides, National Service Gold Coast North, Beach Volleyball Gold Coast, Waste Angels, The Welcome Swallow, Yeskandoo.

For more info please contact Greg Howell 0414 939 942
If you require a HiRes photo by Peter Sturm of My Perspectives please select from and email your request to

Burleigh Heads has been named Australia's Cleanest Beach Runner Up 2015 by Keep Australia Beautiful. Burleigh Beach also achieved the Young Legends Award. The overall win went to Guilderton Western Australia and was announced in Darwin on 14 August.

Watch the video to find out why Burleigh is such a national treasure: click here!

While watching the Burleigh Beach cleanest beach video we found this one... a day in the life of a Gold Coast Water officer. It is quite interesting! Click here!

Inspiration goes a long way, especially when there is a vision.

Naomi Edwards will be sharing her vision for coastal dunes at her upcoming dune photography exhibition, proudly supported by the City of Gold Coast and ourselves - the Association. 

The exhibition is a long time coming and with support and inspiration from Surfers Paradise Beach Protection Association and Tugun & Bilinga Dune Preservation Group it has neatly come together to discuss and showcase the importance of coastal dunes. With an inspiring talk about art and science will be provided by Griffith University Prof. Pat Wise, tunes by Leopold's Treat and poetry by Anne Stuart, this one night only exhibition must not be missed!

Everyone is welcome to attend. A $10 donation at the door will be donated to dune care. Photos will be for sale. To RSVP please email Naomi, or register via Facebook - see link. 

Local divers have been removing 100kms of fishing line and debris from the Gold Coast Seaway since a Green Turtle was sadly entangled and killed by fishing line. Diving the Gold Coast in partnership with other local diving and recreational businesses, Southern Cross University, Reef Check Australia and Tangaroa Blue Foundation have launched an ongoing research monitoring project. 

This forms part of a larger project to raise awareness about the impacts of marine debris with a network of organisations driving the need for a city-wide coordinated marine debris monitoring program. If you'd like to stay informed about this campaign / project please email us - 

Do you need to report non-urgent issues to the City of Gold Coast? For instance, seen graffiti, illegal dumping, uneven foot paths? 

You can report an issue in the city from anywhere, at any time of the day. Simply open a report, take or select a photo, enter the details and submit. It’s that easy.

Follow the link for more info!

Have you seen Gecko's Hills to Hinterland publication? It is a great publication filled with interesting and inspiring stories about the local environmental movement. 

Head over to the website to download a copy or visit the Gecko House to pick up your own hard copy. 
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Congratulations to Boomerang Bags for their recent warehouse launch. You can drop in or volunteer for them at their single-use plastic free warehouse in Burleigh Heads. To find out how you can help them visit their website.
Are you a Responsible Runner or Walker? Volunteers are needed at Responsible Runners Gold Coast to help clean up our beaches and waterways - and to implement strategies to combat issues. 

Get involved in greening the Gold Coast. Click here to visit the Beaches to Bushland website!

Welcome to our new members:

Southport Independent School
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