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Bring on 2014

Another year has begun and we are excited to see the Association continue to grow, connect people and support the many causes that aim to beautify Gold Coast’s catchments. As an umbrella organisation for Gold Coast’s ‘Landcare’ groups and initiatives, we seek to support individual and group members of the Association. So make 2014 a year to connect with us to help share your story - remember, we have various social media tools to help share your story, event or campaign. Please contact Naomi Edwards, our Communications Officer, to find out how you can contribute.
At the end of 2013, we welcomed a new committee with many new, fresh faces, which will meet bi-monthly. Our meetings are open to all members and those who are interested in joining the Association. As we are a collaborative committee of doers, coming along is the best way to speak up about your project or issue to ensure your needs are met. We will be meeting at Country Paradise Parklands in March, May, July, September and November (AGM) – dates yet to be confirmed.
As for key projects to be aware about for 2014, be keep an eye for:  
We look forward to 2014 and hope everyone has enjoyed their Christmas and New Years break!
Many thanks,
The Gold Coast Catchment Association committee

Talking Trash

Take 3 will be sailing through the Gold Coast on Wednesday 8th to Thursday 9th January on the flagship S. V. Moana vessel of The Ocean Ambassadors. To support their east coast Talking Trash Tour about the impacts of plastics in the ocean, we are calling for all local ocean ambassadors to get together.
Naomi Edwards, said how important it is to be aware of plastics ending up in our waterways and ocean. “As the Gold Coast is a water city, we all need to be aware of the use of plastics. With a booming population and continual influx of tourists, raising awareness about plastics is part of the solution to tackle the worldwide issue of plastics in the ocean. The other part is opening up opportunities for the community and supporting organisations to collaborate and work together so that we can be more effective”.
To raise awareness, Tim Silverwood from Take 3 and Adrian Midwood from The Ocean Ambassador Program will be opening up the S.V. Moana vessel for public view and have planned a suite of events. This is a rare chance to get a glimpse of the floating education vessel that can partially make bio-diesel made from plastics collected from the ocean, and meet and greet community leaders leading the way on positive community change for a life less plastic.
The Gold Coast stop has certainly created collaborated effort with many organisations coming together to support the tour - so make sure you come along. Much appreciation to the City of Gold Coast for supporting the Gold Coast stop of the Talking Trash Tour.


Boomerang Bags! Almost every issue we have been updating you on the Boomerang Bags project, and it has certainly transformed and gained much positive attraction that seeks to tackle the use of plastics bags.
Boomerang Bags is making some incredible headway with achieving a major milestone of sewing 1000 bags. This marks a half way milestone before they launch the project in Burleigh Heads!

So who makes the Boomerang Bags? Well, you do! Boomerang Bags are made by local communities for local communities, and are sewn from recycled and donated materials. A sewing bee is currently happening every Thursday morning at Currumbin RSL.

To get in touch if you would like to become a Boomerang Bag Champion for your community, donate some fabric or even attend one of their sewing bee mornings please contact co-founder Jordyn De Boer: or 0425 345 066. You can even vote for the cause to ensure they achieve their dream!


Donate to a Landcare project

From the bush to the coast, on the Gold Coast there are many Landcare projects restoring land, enhancing the health of our waterways and increasing biodiversity. Together, this supports the National Landcare Network with as many as 20,000 volunteers who also plant trees and pull weeds across Australia.
To start 2014 on a positive note, the Network is spreading the word to donate your time (money too) to a local Landcare group. On the Gold Coast, this amounts to over 35 groups, plus the 100s of individual members part of the Association.
Bardhold Blecken, President of the Association, suggests many ways. “People can donate their time by contacting the Association directly or using our Get Involved online map to find out where their nearest group is located. On the financial side, we always welcome donations being a 100% volunteered non-for-profit organisation”.
To donate to a Landcare project contact us today, join our e-newsletter or even the National Landcare Network e-newsletter (which is full of inspiration and ideas!).
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