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Why BannerBug®?

With a market saturated with banner stand options, it can be confusing to know which banner stand to choose. What makes our BannerBug stand apart from the rest are its premium features.

  • Free-standing stable base (no swivel feet which can be a trip hazard)
  • Single or double-sided
  • The largest range of sizes in the world –10 single and 5 double-sided 
  • Made to last
  • The most professional quality
  • Limited Lifetime warranty
You can see the difference in quality

Strong and durable

Frame body has a 2mm wall thickness for strength and durability.

Acid anodized aluminum for a high-end finish that looks great, is long lasting and won’t become powdery like those that have alkaline anodizing.

This finish is easy to clean and won’t get the green tinge of alkaline anodizing.

Features of the Bug Pole:
The key to a great display

  • T6 structural grade aluminum that has been hardened – much stronger so it will stay straight for a longer period 
  • Thicker wall than most poles at 1.42mm
  • Drawn tube which is more accurate for a better joiner fit
  • Each end of every pole is de-burred to prevent fraying of the cord
  • The cord is a 40 strand elastic

Bug Top Rail

  • Also made from T6 Aluminum, the Bug Top Rail is more forgiving when trimming and loading graphics
  • Much easier for the person loading the graphic on multiple units. Makes re-skinning fast.
  • Attach the graphic panel to the rail strip, fold and slide in for a secure fit. The more you pull, the more it wants to stay in the rail.
With a clamp rail, the graphic has to be very square and very still when it is being loaded. This is very time consuming. When you are doing 20, 30+ systems it can become very irritating. Graphics can slip and produce bumps and lumps.
When together, the micro hook and loop system measures an incredible 0.03543”. It is easy to use and unobtrusive. It makes re-skinning the graphic a breeze, and you re-use the lead sheet and header strip.

Bug Spring

  • Made from high grade spring steel 
  • “Bright” dipped to prevent rust
  • Plastic is first press – no regrind
  • Assembled and riveted for strength
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Looking back on the last 30 years...

This is when our director John Previtera took our display products to exhibit at a trade fair in China back in 1995. Sorry if we are responsible for the cheap prices in China.
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