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Press Conference | New York CPMs Charged 

With the criminal charges against New York CPM, Elizabeth "Liz" Catlin (all of which she sees as a clear intimidation tactic against midwives in NY) Linda Hamilton felt the need to "come out of retirement" in Costa Rica and go to work advocating for midwives. This atrocity against Liz was too much and she couldn't just watch from the sidelines. After contacting Liz, they agreed that Linda would take on building the public support that is needed when trying to make big changes. The day after the "Friends of Elizabeth Catlin" Facebook page was published, another midwife, Melissa Carmen, was arrested. That evening, Linda began to organize a press conference, not only to provide education to the public at large, but to rally supporters in the birth community. 

The press conference was held on Monday, March 9, 2020 International Women's Day with press releases sent to many media sources. There were 48 participants with representatives from national and state organizations, legal experts, and consumers of midwifery care. Everything went well with a big "thank you" to all who participated. They received a good response from the press, with requests for more information and updates on the case, as well as several articles already published. 

From Linda - We are moving forward with this wave of movement to push the passage of the CPM bill that has been written and approved by everyone involved - but is being held up by the sponsor - to the NY legislature. We don't know how this is going to take shape, but we're trusting the plan will unfold in the perfect timing - which is what we've been doing so far. We have decided to use the fact that NY has just recently declared a state of emergency due to the potential pandemic - to do whatever we can to have CPM's legally recognized in the state, as part of the emergency preparedness that is being organized. I encourage those states that have been working towards legislation to consider doing the same - as soon as possible if you can.

I also appreciate all the support we've seen in just less than one week. We really are a powerful force when we decide to be. And if there was ever a time to join all forces - it's now.

The Criminalization of the American Midwife 


Thank you, Jennifer Block for this outstanding article that stands up for midwifery and the right of families to choose their place of birth as well as their provider. We appreciate your advocacy, your insight, and your continued ability to give words of clarity to reproductive issues.

Read Jennifer's article The Criminalization of the American Midwife here.

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