MANA recognizes the courage of sexual assault survivors.
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Issue #87, October 4, 2018

Reproductive Health Extends to Healthy Families and Communities

MANA’s Second Statement on Reproductive Health

MANA believes that people's health is inseparably linked to the health of the communities they live in. The second MANA Reproductive Health Statement  is written out of our commitment to equity and support for all birthing people and their families.

Please join us in this work. Some concrete steps you can take now include sharing this statement widely among your networks and giving support to community-led organizations engaged in the effort to promote safe neighborhoods, clean environments, and healthy families, and in the struggle against poverty, racism, and violence.

Vicki Hedley, MANA President and the MANA Board of Directors

Excitement is Building! #MANA18 is Next Week!

The trees are putting on their fall colors to welcome you to Maine

Come to Portland and "take a moment” for yourself.

Have you been waiting on a baby? Can’t believe it’s already October? You are not alone!

#MANA18 is set to be a fantastic event with talks and workshops by Jennifer Block, Robbie Davis Floyd, Chanel L. Porchia-Albert, Dr. Jus Crea Giammarino, Tara Tulley, and Betty-Anne Daviss, as well as opportunities to engage with your professional midwifery organization, and of course learn, laugh, and connect with each other. All while surrounded by the gorgeous fall foliage of autumn in Maine.
Online registration will be available until 11:59pm EST on Thursday Oct 4. (We owe meal head-counts to the hotel Friday morning!) After that, please email the registrar of your intention to “walk in”. And arrive a few minutes early to allow time for you to register on-site.

We look forward to seeing you next week!

MANA Statement on Brett Kavanaugh’s Nomination to Supreme Court Justice

The Midwives Alliance of North America recognizes the pain and courage of sexual assault survivors.

In a world that is becoming more and more unpredictable, we have watched, borne out on a national stage, the painful dignity of a trauma survivor telling their story and claiming their voice. This inspiring moment was followed by the predictable howl of self-important outrage from those in power in a system where that power is wielded by people of privilege - a system built on oppression.

It is encouraging to see how many groups, including legal and religious organizations who previously supported Judge Kavanaugh, are standing up with the survivors and demanding a full investigation of any sexual assault allegations be completed when evaluating him as a candidate for Supreme Court Justice. It is disheartening that we have had to come to this level of political chaos to see what happens when political party allegiance and religious affiliation become more important than truth. It is terrifying that the concept of using abortion rights to get political power even if it means normalizing sexual assault/oppression continues to be supported by anyone, especially those in power.

The Midwives Alliance of North America recognizes the pain and courage of sexual assault survivors and the honor it is to hear their stories. We believe you.

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Top 10 reasons to Visit Portland, Maine this Fall

Food, Art, Natural Beauty, Historic Architecture, Casco Bay, Diverse Culture, Small Town Feel - Portland Has it All

Portland, Maine is the home of MANA’s 36th Annual Midwives Alliance Conference October 11 - 14, the height of the Fall Foliage Season. Come enjoy all that this coastal community has to offer!

Save the dates:


Oct 11-14: #MANA18, Portland, Maine

Nov 15: Online CEU evaluations due

Dec 18: Membership Advisory Council Meeting
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