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Issue #30, April 20, 2016

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This one-hour webinar, brought to you by Indra Lucero, JD, and the advisor to Midwives Alliance's Access and Equity Committee will give you a picture of midwifery's place in the US health care system and how to not only level the playing field, but raise it enough so that those who most need it, get a boost. Participants will learn how that boost can help communities facing inordinate health disparities as well as midwives, and how being a MANA midwife is being on the cutting edge.

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Meet the new Midwives Alliance Board of Directors!

The new Midwives Alliance board gathered together in Charlottesville, VA to discuss progress in 2016 and set priorities for the rest of the year and beyond. Please join us in welcoming new board members Claudia Breglia CPM LM and Judith Levinrad Norman CPM LM.

Claudia Breglia CPM LM, Director of Organizational Development

When Claudia began her apprentice training in 1989, a common slogan was: "Midwives, changing the world one baby at a time." She was much too impatient for that. Her long history of midwifery activism began almost simultaneously with her first practice on the Tennessee-Kentucky border in 1993. She joined the Tennessee Midwives Alliance, becoming the newsletter editor and membership coordinator at her second meeting, and eventually serving two terms as president before leaving the state. Her involvement in midwifery politics continued in California, first as a regional representative, then with two terms as president of the California Association of Midwives. With her election to the MANA Board, she is proud to count herself among the midwives and midwifery activists working in the United States and all over the world to affect healthcare policy, address healthcare disparities, increase access to midwifery care for all women, and to protect self-determination and physiologic birth. Claudia is mother to Gabriel, who was born at home in Tennessee 21 years ago, attends births in southern California, and remains determined to change the world.

Judith Levinrad Norman CPM LM, Secretary
I returned from the Alburquerque MANA conference deeply inspired by our community and the important work being done, particularly on a national level. Raised on a foundation of activism and social consciousness, I found myself yearning to contribute to furthering midwifery and building an ever-stronger community of midwives.

I am a New Jersey licensed midwife living in New York and Montréal. Prior to becoming a midwife in 2010, I have served families as a prenatal massage therapist (since 1997), a practitioner of Maya abdominal massage (since 2002) and a doula (since 2006). My role as chair of the clinical studies department at the Swedish Institute in NYC (2001-2006) helped hone some of the particular skills that will be needed as Secretary – excellent professional communication skills, an ability to work effectively and collaboratively with a diverse group of passionate people, and an appreciation for administrative detail.

I am excited to bring my interpersonal and administrative skills, as well as my passion and commitment to midwifery, to the position of MANA Secretary.

Restructuring of the MANA Board was ratified by the membership at the Annual Meeting in Albuquerque, NM in October, 2015 by approval of by-law amendments. Here is your new MANA Board after the 2016 elections.

New Membership Advisory Council formed

At the first-ever meeting of the Membership Advisory Council, Midwives Alliance members spoke passionately about their desires for MANA's initiatives and their concerns for the profession. MAC meetings will be held semi-annually to seek input from the community to inform future MANA policies and actions. Watch here for details on the next session. Contact your MANA Board anytime with questions or concerns.

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