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Addressing the Microchip Shortage

The semiconductor chip shortage is likely to continue well into 2022, and Madhavan Swaminathan predicts that the U.S. will need to make major changes to the manufacturing and supply chain of these all-important chips to stave off further effects.

IEN News

Filler Appointed Associate Director for Research Programs

As associate director, Filler will work with IEN's executive director to execute IEN's mission.

Rubber Material Holds Key to Long-Lasting, Safer EV Batteries

Researchers may have found a promising alternative to conventional lithium-ion batteries.

The Quest for More Accurate Rapid Covid-19 Tests

IEN's Wilbur Lam Tells the Washington Post 'Help is on the Way.'

How do Scientists Determine if Covid Tests are Accurate?

Researchers from Georgia Tech, Emory University, and Children's Healthcare of Atlanta are collaborating with the National Institutes of Health to form the Rapid Acceleration of Diagnostics initiative.

Additional IEN News of Note

Six Georgia Tech Faculty Named IEEE Fellows

They include Ghassan AlRegib, Bonnie Ferri, Arijit Raychowdhury, and Maryam Saeedifard, professors in the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE); Levent Degertekin, professor in the George W. Woodruff School of Mechanical Engineering; and May Dongmei Wang, a professor in the Wallace H. Coulter Department of Biomedical Engineering (BME) at Georgia Tech and Emory University.

The Nanotechnology Revolution is Here—We Just Haven't Noticed Yet

Andrei Fedorov shares his insights with The Wall Street Journal.

Cleanroom Corner

Optec Femtosecond Laser Micromachining System

This month we are highlighting the Optec Femtosecond Laser Micromachining System, which is located in the Pettit Building in lab 148. The Georgia Tech Optec Femtosecond laser is an OPTEC WS-Flex USP system that uses a femtosecond laser to process practically any material through ultra-short laser pulses photo-ablation. The ultra-short laser pulse is effective on polymers, metal, ceramics, glass, single crystals, and polymorphic crystals. Materials are ionized by the laser pulse and removed from the surface in a plasma cloud, leaving a clean surface at the interaction site. Contrary to typical thermal laser operations, the femtosecond laser is not as sensitive to wavelength absorption and therefore offers minimum thermal, creating a no heat-affected zone on the part.

Applications include cutting, milling, drilling, tube processing, composite material cutting, scribing, and surface structuring.

Learn more about this tool:

 Contact: Richard Shafer

IEN Events

Nano@Tech - February 8, 2022 @ noon
The New Wave of Quantum Magnetism | Associate Professor Martin Mourigal, School of Physics, Georgia Tech

IRIM Spring Seminar Series - February 9, 2022 @ 12:15 p.m.
Wearable Device Design and Biomechanical Research at Sandia National Labs | Jason Wheeler, Ph.D. , R&D Staff Member, Robotics and Counter-Robotics, Sandia National Laboratories

Nano@Tech - February 22, 2022 @ noon
Enhancing Converse Magnetoelectric Coupling through Strain Engineering in Artificial Multiferroic Heterostructures | Assistant Professor Lauren Garten, School of Materials Science and Engineering, Georgia Tech

NNCI Webinar: Societal and Ethical Implications - February 23, 2022 @ 3:00 p.m.
From Wow to Yuck to Meh: The Normalization of Nano Risk| Kristen Kulinowski, Ph.D., Director, Institute for Defense Analysis, Science and Technology Policy Institute

Nano@Tech- March 8, 2022 @ noon

Salt Nanoparticles as Cancer Therapeutics | Associate Professor Jin Xie, Department of Chemistry, University of Georgia

Science & Engineering Day at GT- March 19, 2022 | 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.
Georgia Tech has partnered with The Atlanta Science Festival to open its doors to the community! The day will include lab tours, hands-on STEAM activities, demonstrations, and more.

Full activity schedule and map now online!


Peter Hesketh has been appointed to the Editorial Board of the new ECS Journal Sensors Plus.


IEN Publications

Solvent Effects on the Elasticity of Electrospinnable Polymer Solutions

 - Elena Ewaldz, Joshua Randrup, and Blair Brettmann

Elastomeric Electrolytes for High-Energy Solid-State Lithium Batteries

  - Michael J. Lee, Junghun Han, Kyungbin Lee, Young Jun Lee, Byoung Gak Kim, Kyu-Nam Jung, Bumjoon J. Kim, and Seung Woo Lee

At-Home Wireless Monitoring of Acute Hemodynamic Disturbances to Detect Sleep Apnea and Sleep Stages via a Soft Sternal Patch

 - Nathan Zavanelli, Hojoong Kim, Jongsu Kim, Robert Herbert, Musa Mahmood, Yun-Soung Kim, Shinjae Kwon, Nicholas B. Bolus, F. Brennan Torstrick, Christopher S. D. Lee, and Woon-Hong Yeo

Revolutionizing Membrane Design Using Machine Learning-Bayesian Optimization

 - Haiping Gao, Shifa Zhong, Wenlong Zhang, Thomas Igou, Eli Berger, Elliot Reid, Yangying Zhao, Dylan Lambeth, Lan Gan, Moyosore A. Afolabi, Zhaohui Tong, Guanghui Lan, and Yongsheng Chen

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