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     We are settled into the year. You aren’t getting anymore emails reminding you that you forgot to buy your uncle a lowes Gift card for Christmas so you have made your way here for a little light reading.

       Being in the F+B business is our favorite thing ever!(Food and Beverage for those of you outside the loop) All of us at the pie hole are either closet foodies or post every taco on their Instagram story foodies, so you can imagine the joy that comes with cooking up delicious pies as our jobs! We spend day in and day out longing after pictures of perfect croissants on insta or talking about what we ate that weekend, so we figured it would be fun to post out our favorite places to grab a bite around Augusta. Now, being as we are all obsessed with local cuisine, in our minds this list is the End All Be All of Augusta restaurants, obviously there are tons more amazing restaurants but these are ones you would be seriously remiss if you never checked them out. So, if you haven’t read an Augusta list like this before, don’t waste your time searching them out because these places are 100% guaranteed home runs. 


Knuckle Sandwiches

    This Heavy Hitter is first in line for a reason. Knuckle is, in our opinion, the single greatest place to get a bite to eat after midnight in Augusta, heck maybe the world. Especially after a few drinks downtown, you won’t find a better place to fill your late night cravings, definitely not one on Broad Street. But being known as a late night champion has its disadvantages. Try to get a sandwich at midnight on first Friday and you may go home hungry, but its little known that they ACTUALLY open at Noon making it one of the BEST not crowded dinner spots around. Also, everything about the place is likable, from their small setup to the “closed when we run out of food” sign. They’ve got a real “Only the Cool kids Eat here” vibe and we respect the hustle. Don’t let their greasy barbecue sandwiches and french fries fool you this is not just some frozen food slapped in a Styrofoam tray, the food at Knuckle is seriously thought out yet done with ease so much so that we would bet you finish the entire thing before you can cross Broad St.

Order: Black-eye Chicken, DO NOT forget the Thai Ranch.

Finch and 5th

    If you’ve never tried this fine dining legend, you’re definitely missing out. Finch And 5th has been an Augusta staple for years and by the looks of it she’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Maybe your like us and you cant afford to go to fancy restaurants for dinner every night of the week, but if were not eating chicken wings or french fries you could probably find us sitting at the bar at Finch incessantly annoying strangers with cheese talk. This Surrey center heavyweight is constantly slinging some of the most blow-your-mind fresh Charcuterie boards around and we are very on board. Finch is not only on top of the brunch game but whoever decorated the place needs some sort of award, I mean seriously the inside is wicked fancy yet inviting enough for us to shovel away food without feeling out of place. Southern twists on food or twists on classic southern dishes has almost become an augusta thing to do in the restaurant biz but the staff at Finch and 5th seem to have their finger on the right pulse and are getting very high marks. 
Order: Biscuits with gravy, add fried chicken! You won’t be sorry.

Jackie M’s

    If you’re looking for Character, look no farther than Jackies. This place looks like James Brown himself opened a soul food restaurant. From the outdoor murals to the music playlist, this local favorite has the feeling that everything was done with little effort (which is far from the truth) but somehow ended up the hippest place to be. Seriously, go sit down and eat here at least once in your life and you feel like you just got personally invited to eat and hangout with the coolest and nicest people Augusta has to offer. Their staff is insanely inviting/friendly and their food doesn’t drop the ball. They are known for their Philly cheesesteaks which we personally can never get enough of. Nothing is bad here, we swear on their Philly cheesesteak filled egg rolls (soul rolls) .

Order: Philly cheesesteak meal with a side of soul rolls and a Kool-aid please.


    Long time augusta favorite here that we just couldn’t leave out. Sconyers has arguably the best barbecue in Augusta and the whole south. This landmark has been killing the “cue” game for over 60 years and its no surprise to anyone. They pit-cook their barbecue for something like 24 hours and serve it up with hash and white bread, AKA the only way barbecue should be served. The place looks like a Ginormous log cabin straight out of mark twains fantasy complete with a pond and old tractors to let you know that you are about to get some super duper authentic southern food. Oh, and they are only open Thurs- Sat as if to say “yes we are that good and yes we know it”.

Order: Chopped Brisket plate with an order of pork skins (when they have them).


Iverys Restaurant

    This one may be a little out of left field, but hear us out. It may be a little drive from Augusta, but Iverys in Thomson is worth it people. This place is an after-church staple for some of us because of their amazing southern food. Sunday lunch buffet style gets no better than this place. An endless sea of Cornbread, Broccoli Casserole, Fried Fatback, Dressing and Fried chicken, I mean do we really need to go on? This place has got that ‘Been here for forever” feel that we just cant seem to get enough of. Iverys is serving up the epitome of home cooking and we really couldn’t be happier. Also, the customer service is amazing, but of course it is, what else would you expect from a home cooked southern restaurant in Thompson.

Order: Everything on the buffet, also act like a regular and put Texas Pete vinegar on your Turnip Greens, your welcome. 

Los Cabos

    Everyone loves a good authentic spot that is not over crowed and this place goes above and beyond. We want to start by saying Los Cabos on Walton Way is really good y’all, like really really good. Mexican food is the easiest way to our hearts, in fact its our favorite after work activity by a long shot. Los Cabos is delicious, Authentic, and an all around good time. Whether we need a feast after a Long work week or just chips and cheese dip to catch up with friends, this place is where you can find us. The way the restaurant is setup and the weird front doorway is definitely a key to their attractive draw. And the food, oh gosh their food is always mind-blowing, just try the two different kinds of salsa they place at the table as soon as you sit.  These are the tacos that you will find riddled across our social media accounts 99% of the time.

Order: Tacos al Pastor. Every. Single. Time. Oh and ask for the in house hot sauce if you’re not afraid of some heat.

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