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We have just celebrated Easter, clearly one of the most important events in the Christian calendar. Different people celebrate Easter in different ways. For many, it’s all about fun foods like hot cross buns and chocolate eggs. For others, the focus is on the four-day holiday weekend spent connecting with family or friends. But for followers of Jesus, we know these days hold a far, far greater significance.

For two millennia, Good Friday has celebrated the work that Christ accomplished through his death on the cross. We remember the great physical, emotional, social, and spiritual suffering that he endured in wilful obedience to his loving Father so that the cost of our sin would be completely paid. 

We also rejoice that the story did not end there, but rather with a Saviour who rose as Lord on Easter Day. We rejoice that Jesus’ victory over death has conquered death for all time so his followers can now look forward to enjoying a restored relationship with God the Father for eternity. 

The Easter story is one that ought to bring great change, both personally as we accept Jesus as risen Lord and Saviour and the Holy Spirit transforms us more and more into his likeness, and also collectively as churches take up the charge to share the great news with those yet to hear it. All believers can do this work, and here at Bible College SA, our goal is to train and equip many to expound God’s truths plainly, but with great depth, nuance, and attentiveness to our particular cultural moment. 

We thank you for your ongoing partnership in the work of the College, and for your fellowship and sisters and brothers of the same great living and triumphant King, Jesus the Messiah. 
One of the most important events on the Bible College SA calendar is coming up on 18 May: our Open Night. This is when we help prospective future students find out what it is like to take a formal course in Bible and ministry, and why that is a good thing to do.

Members of our faculty and current student body will explain our different programs and the nuts and bolts and experience of studying at College, and I will open the evening by discussing the benefits of training with us.

One of the things that I will say on the night is that it is a very rare person who ever regrets coming to College. If you are someone who loves Jesus and wants to know him better, you will absolutely love your time going deep into God’s word and learning from our excellent faculty. If you are someone who wants to be more equipped to serve in the church or in another area, you will profit a great deal from the ministry focus brought into our classrooms by staff who have extensive experience and wisdom. If you are wondering about the best way to use all the days that God has given you, you will discover many exciting possibilities through College conversations and connections.

I believe that, at some point in their life, every Christian should prayerfully and carefully consider how they will best live as an active member of the Kingdom. The Bible College SA Open Night is a great chance to think about how working towards a diploma or degree in Christian theology or ministry can help believers grow more towards that goal.

If you have ever thought about studying with us, please come along. And if you know of others in your church or ministry circles who you think ought to consider studying with us, please do invite them along too. All of the info you need is below. I’m praying for a great full room on the night—and another generation of well-prepared gospel servant graduating in the years ahead!
Our next Bible College SA prayer meeting is coming up on Tuesday 3 May, from 7-9pm, at our Wattle Street campus. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to join on this night as we pray for the continuing works of the College in preparing the next generations of gospel workers. Our first meeting was a wonderful time where we gathered with many of our partners from a variety of churches. We’re very much looking forward to continuing in prayer together at this next meeting.

For further information, or to register your attendance to come, please contact our Partnerships and Events Officer Mandy Krueger on 8291 8188 or

Can you please tell us a little about yourself?
I’m a big kid who loves to play games (board games, Xbox, table tennis – everything). I’m married to a beautiful woman called Mandy and we have three great kids who are 17, 15, and 10. I enjoy getting out and camping in the holidays and love hanging out with people.

What are you currently studying?
I’m currently studying a Masters of Divinity and have nine subjects left till I finish. 

What do you like most about studying at BCSA?
The study environment is great as everyone is supportive of each other. The best thing for me is gaining a deeper understanding of the God I believe in, and learning how to explore scripture in light of the great work of God in history. From Genesis to Revelation, all of scripture has relevance to us today.

In what ministry do you hope to work when you finish at BCSA?
Ideally, I’d like to find an associate pastorship in Adelaide with the aim to one day go back into the defence forces as a chaplain. 

What is one thing you are learning at the moment that is particularly insightful?
I’m doing a deep study in the fourth Gospel, John, and learning more on the theme of salvation. Through genuine belief in Jesus Christ as our Lord and Saviour, we have the most beautiful gift of eternal life with God as his children. It’s a great comfort to confirm that our faith in Jesus is not misplaced but it has everlasting consequences that are promised to us by God because he loves us. The story of our salvation never gets old – it matures and grows deeper with every moment spent studying scripture.
• Give thanks that our students were still able to attend our annual Ministry Formation retreat in a non-residential format. Pray that the content they explored on avoiding burnout will serve each of them well in their various ministry contexts for many years to come.  

• Give thanks that the staff team were recently able to enjoy a development day with Dr Grant Bickerton. This was a time of great insight for all of us. Please pray that as a staff team we will continue to work whole-heartedly in our individual roles, and as a well-functioning team, as we seek to fulfill the vision of Bible College SA. 

• Give thanks for all those who financially partner with us at Bible College SA. Our longevity as a College is dependent on these donors. Please pray for God to continue to provide for our ongoing financial needs, and especially for many new monthly financial partners, as regular giving is a great help to our budgeting. 

• Please pray for our sister school, Brisbane School of Theology and its principal Rev Dr Richard Gibson, as they train gospel workers for Queensland and cross-cultural mission.
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