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“Blessed is the man who walks not in the council of the wicked, nor stands in the way of sinners, nor sits in the seat of scoffers; but his delight is in the law of the Lord, and on his law he meditates day and night” (Psalm 1:1-2).

These opening verses to Psalm 1 describe for us the key to living a blessed life. It is not found in the accumulation of wealth, financial security, or even the good opinion of others – but rather it is in the delight of God and his word. The Psalmist goes even further to say that not only will they be blessed, but also prosperous – like a tree that is planted by a river, with deep roots, and abundant in fruit (verse 7).

However, we are also introduced to a second person – the wicked. They are described like chaff – the fine husks of grain blown away by the wind in the winnowing process. This is how the Psalmist imagines those who do not live a faithful life toward God, and it is a striking contrast against the tree noted only moments before.

It is fitting as we began classes for 2021 that our first weekly chapel addressed this Psalm. It teaches the reader to delight in God’s word and to prioritise living a life of obedience, and those things are deeply valued at Bible College SA. We pray our students will deepen in their knowledge of scripture, build a firm understanding in their faith, and worship God more deeply. To borrow language from the Psalmist – we want them to grow more prosperous; to be flourishing trees!

But this call is not just for Bible College students – it is a call for all believers. To be daily reading the scriptures, meditating on their teaching, and growing in the faith is central to the Christian life. The Psalm promises that blessings will flow to those who prioritise these things. To be sure, most of the greatest blessings might not be enjoyed until the last day, but we live now for that future hope. As we commence another year, we continue to delight after God and his word, and seek to be faithful men and women who desire this outcome for our own lives, and so that we can be a great blessing to others. 
It was a real blessing to be able to welcome a great new cohort of first year students at our Orientation Day on Saturday 6 February. Once more, God has raised up a fine group of women and men who are passionate about the Lord Jesus and the work of the gospel in Adelaide, South Australia and beyond. We feel so very humbled to be entrusted with an important part of their formation.

Some of our new students are enrolled in the Master of Divinity (MDiv) which is the world-standard degree for vocational ministry workers including pastors and other church workers, and also parachurch workers like missionaries, staff of university campus Christian groups and more.

The MDiv requires three to four years of coursework and usually sees students learning biblical languages, studying lots of New and Old Testament, taking several classes in systematic theology, and working hard on practical ministry skills too.

Some other students are working towards a Graduate Diploma in theology or divinity. These programs are roughly equivalent to the first year of an MDiv and can be completed in one full-time year, although some students take them part-time over several years. The GradDip is often chosen by people who are not heading towards vocational ministry but who want to be better equipped to serve in their local churches as Bible study leaders, elders, song leaders, kids’ program leaders and more.

At Bible College SA, we offer a full suite of accredited tertiary awards from Certificates right through to Bachelors degrees and up to PhDs. We believe that it is vital for the long-term spiritual health of our city and state to have this training available for members of Christ’s church. Please pray with us that our new first year students would settle into their studies quickly and that their learnings would make them more effective servants of the gospel to the greater glory of God.

Who is in your family?
My family currently consists of myself, my parents, one older brother, and a sister-in-law!

What have you been doing prior to working at Bible College SA?
Prior to working at BCSA, I was completing my Bachelor of Theology (back at BCSA!) and preparing to serve in vocational ministry. Before that, I had spent some time studying Civil and Structural Engineering, but God wanted me to help build his kingdom instead of just regular buildings.

What excites you about Bible College SA?
What excites me about BCSA is the vision that drives everything at college. Having experienced the preparation for gospel work that BCSA does, I'm very excited to be a part of preparing the next group of gospel workers. It's especially exciting to be preparing high school graduates looking to take a rewarding gap year program, and being able to also prepare them for their ministries beyond that.

What are you looking forward to in your first semester?
For my first semester, I'm looking forward to integrating into the team at BCSA and being able to find my feet in the role that I'll get to play at college. I'm also looking forward to being able to keep meeting and getting to know the ever-growing student body at BCSA.

• Give thanks for an excellent cohort of students for Semester 1 – we are deeply encouraged by the number studying with us this Semester. Please pray that they would adjust quickly to the rhythm of study, but above all that their time spent at Bible College SA would grow them in their delight and love for God’s word.  

• Pray for our faculty as they have started teaching this week. Pray that they will quickly get to know the many new students and adjust to their learning well. Pray that they will be faithful in their teaching that will grow our students to be faithful ministers of the word.  

• We remain ever thankful for our faithful prayer and financial partners. We give thanks for their continued support all year round, but we especially give praise to God for new, regular gifts given over the Summer break.  

• Please pray for our sister school in Perth, Trinity Theological College, and its principal Don West. They have had a difficult start to Semester, with bushfires and Covid-19 lockdown restrictions impacting their community. Please pray that they would be able to manage all these necessary changes quickly, that the staff and students would be kept safe, and that they can return, in time, to normal teaching.    

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