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Over the long lecture break, the staff team at Bible College SA has turned to reading through Ephesians together as part of our weekly devotion and prayer time.

Paul opens this letter by giving a lengthy catalogue of all that we have received in and through Jesus, and all that has been made known to us through his promised Holy Spirit (vv3–14). He then continues by giving us some insight into his prayer for the church.

What he desires most is that it would be given a spirit of wisdom and that Jesus’ people would have hearts enlightened even more to know the immense goodness they have received from Christ (vv17–21). And he doesn’t just pray this for them once but it is something he keeps at over and again.

Next month, we have the joy of graduating 18 more students. These men and women have dedicated lots of time (many years for some) to knowing the amazing goodnesses that are available through Jesus. And as they head off to continue living in his service, we are delighted to pray for them as Paul did for the Ephesians—that they would always know those greatest truths, and know them ever more and more.
The seasons have suddenly changed. Not only have we had a great hit of much warmer and sometimes crazy weather after a long and cold winter, but here at Bible College SA, our lecturers are now done with all of our teaching, and our students have completed all their exams and assessments. We have come to the summer months when lots of things change gear for most of us.
There is, of course, still much happening and still much to do. Already the staff are looking to next year, and we are excited thinking about and preparing for the upcoming classes—and we are especially excited to already have had a good number of new students applying to study with us. This is a real answer to prayer, and a real blessing for the church which desperately needs more well-formed women and men offering their service week by week, and over the course of many years.
But even as we anticipate all of this, it is good for us to also receive the in between time as a gift from God too. The mark of a healthy ministry is not that it is working at 110% of its capacity for 13 months per year, but that we live and serve faithfully through all of the different seasons and rhythms that God sets.
We see this from even the very opening pages of the Bible where humans are designed to work for six days and then to rest for one, and to be awake in the day and asleep at night. It is a big mistake to think that we are being slack if we follow these kinds of balanced patterns; we are actually being faithless if we don’t, thinking that God cannot progress his plans unless we are always in the thick of our most intense busyness.
Given all of this, we are delighted to be focussing on a few end of year things over the next few weeks. These include our end of year celebration BBQ for all staff and students, the staff and partners’ Christmas dinner, our AGM for members of the College, and of course our great graduation celebration—which all of our partners are very welcome to attend with us. None of these happen in the lecture room, but they are important parts of our community life, and important moments to savour in our annual calendar.
So here at Bible College SA, we delight in receiving these times and events from God and in trusting him to bless and sustain all of us through our rolling cycles of service. We give thanks for the year that is heading towards its end and we aim to live each new day in faithful contentment and anticipation of the great last day when Jesus will come and we see him face to face.
On Friday 11 November, our staff and students along with their families, celebrated the end of another year with our annual BBQ on the front lawns. Led by our student council, the atmosphere matched the great weather and we shared a fantastic relaxed afternoon together.

The much-anticipated final of the annual table tennis tournament also took place that afternoon, with faculty member Chris Fresch taking on graduating student Caleb Khu. It was a fierce battle (just ask the wall that Caleb smashed into when trying to save match point!), with Chris taking it out for the staff team in the end. A great crowd watched all the action.

We are so thankful for the successful end to another semester of teaching and love that we don’t just see our students in the lecture rooms, but we also get to share in other fun times like this too.

Everyone is invited to our graduation celebration on Tuesday 6 December from 7:30pm at Coromandel Valley Uniting Church as we celebrate the achievements of 18 students who will be receiving their awards. This is a great opportunity for all of us to give thanks for these faithful women and men, and to send them off in prayer and good fellowship. For further information, or to RSVP for catering purposes, please contact our office on 8291 8188 or
Psalms with Dr Melinda Cousins in 2023

We are excited that Dr Melinda Cousins, College graduate and now Director of Ministries at Baptist Churches SA (the other BCSA!) is coming to teach for us in first semester next year. Melinda is helping to cover for Dr Luke Wisley who will be away on his sabbatical. We look forward to having Melinda make what will no doubt be an excellent contribution to our students’ formation.
Can you please tell us a little about yourself?
I am Nehemiah Tha Hlei Thang Aicawm. I am 30 years old. I was born in the village of Rua Khua at Chin State of Myanmar. I have two children. I arrived in Adelaide in 2012 from Malaysia as a refugee. When I arrived, I could not speak English. I attended the New Arrival English program at Thebarton Senior College and finished my Year 12 in 2015. I am currently working full-time as a social welfare support worker and gardener at The Adelaide Day Centre for Homeless Persons. 

What are you currently studying? 
I am a part-time student at BCSA, studying a Diploma of Theology through the Non English Speaking Background program.

What do you like most about studying at BCSA? 
Studying at BCSA has helped develop my understanding and knowledge of the Word of God.

In what ministry do you hope to work when you finish at BCSA? 
I was a volunteer in Adelaide Chin Christian Church children’s ministry for many years, but recently finished up that role, and am enjoying the change with my family. I’m not sure how God will use me since finishing study, but I am trusting his plans for me. Since studying theology my eyes have been opened wider and my mind expanded by the wisdom of God and I want to keep learning. This has been for my personal development and wanting to know more about the Word of God, and studying can help me have a better understanding of the Scriptures and develop my knowledge.

What is one thing you are learning at the moment that is particularly insightful? 
There were so many things that I learnt over the last three and a half years, but the most I have been practicing and using a lot is how to read and interpret the scriptures carefully.
• Give thanks for all the students who have studied with us in 2022. Pray for our continuing students to have a restful and safe holiday break, and for our 18 graduating students, that their time of study has equipped them well for a lifetime of gospel ministry.

• Pray for our faculty as they complete their marking of assessments and other end of year requirements. Pray for efficiency and clarity as they submit this very important work.

• Give thanks for our wonderful group of partners who support us. We are ever thankful for their ongoing financial and prayerful support of the College. Pray for God to continue to build this important group throughout the coming year.

• Please pray for our sister school in Singapore, Evangelical Theological College Asia and its Principal Rev Dr Marty Foord, as they prepare and equip the next generation of Asians for effective gospel ministry.
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