Nutt Gallery Notes  #7 June 16

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Opening @ 6th St Container 6/17/16

Of mother, objects,
       in the eyes organism.
A line subject pupil,
  evocation of the staring,       
   pressure gaze

  of the mystery
  otherness body.

The dark day like darkness,
   seeing the glowing electron   
    of light
by the
    optical everywhere.

Audrey and Hector No.  6

" ... Opening ... the pictures began to multiply out into space..."  Audrey explained to Hector.
So anyway, we had a nice Opening the other night (6th Street Container, Miami 6/17/16). A terrific group people in a small, container-sized gallery about 12 × 40 ft, white walls, track lighting, with a fluorescent light on one of the side walls, about waist height at the far end.

At one point, I was asked if I was one of the artists. I replied, “I am The Artist,” gesturing with my arm including all 19 pictures in the show.  “Oh you did all these, they’re so different,” was the response.

I realized, indeed, each of these pictures is different from the others in thought and materials. Suddenly the walls disappeared and all the pictures began to multiply out into white space, first the ones I had already made and then the ones yet to be made, spreading out into infinity in all directions as if we were all standing in the center of a white, radiating star of Art, glowing, floating in space.

For the rest of the evening it was like that. I didn’t want to mention what was happening because it might stop and, you know... It made for a very enjoyable evening, highlighting our already amazing cosmic event of life on Earth, floating … in space … the relationship between the artist, the picture and viewer was in full swing at the Container.

"Exile, the Movie"
a sound art piece [79 minutes and 17 seconds] created and performed
by Randy Nutt
for opening reception of  "Earthquake Proof"
(Click on the image to hear the piece)

Just in case you missed the opening, but would like to see the exhibit we will be at the 6th Street Container (1155 SW 6th Street (Rear), Miami, FL 33135)
  • 2-6 pm Saturday July 3
  • 2-6 pm Saturday July 9
Please drop by.

Or,  if those times don't work, just let me we can work out a time for you to come by and see the exhibit. It will be on display until mid-July by appointment. It is worth it to see the exhibit in this space. the  6th Street Container alternative art space.

Randy B. Nutt
June 25, 2016


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