Nutt Gallery Notes  #4  Jul'15

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Art and Science
Flip sides of the same coin

Just before dawn, someone is shoveling. Dig, scrape, dig, scrape. We’re in S.Florida so it can’t be snow but I know that sound well from growing up in Chicago (Indian term that means I hate shoveling snow).

Are they digging a grave for the aged Loca Rosa next door? That woman had issues with leaves on her lawn. Very over- the- top. Yelling at the lawn guys, yelling at us; dirty, dirty, dirty. We may have been dirty but it wasn’t leaves. She cut down all her trees. Now they park in our yard for shade.
Audrey and Hector No. 4

Hector had no idea that Audrey had posed for the sculptor.
The thing is, you can’t dig here. It’s limestone but the limestone is porous. In fact, a lot of people don’t realize, when the water rises, it will come up through the ground. We live on a limestone sieve. The streets have been flooding on Miami Beach. Indeed, it won’t take much to tip our history, as in, “you’re history.” Human functionality will cease long before we’re using canoes to get around. Infrastructure problems. Fresh water aquifers ruined by incoming seawater, indeed, indeed, indeed.

Out on M.Beach the other night for an Audiotheque abstract music performance, there was a very active social scene. It was strange to look around and think, this will be gone in an amazingly short period of time. Each time the data comes in the numbers are dramatically worse (just yesterday they announced that fish populations will collapse by 2045). The environment is more complicated and interconnected than previously thought, etc., etc., duh. We are way late in the creative explanations and solutions depts…
"Abandoned Portals" [24x36"]. Part of the "Notre Dame des Atrs" series. 2015 by Randy B. Nutt
"Abandoned Portals"  [24x36"] Pastel and colored pencil on paper, mounted on stretched canvas. 
You could say a lot of our options for how we are going to survive on the planet are just sitting there waiting for us. Will we ever get to those freedoms?
                                   Part of the "Notre Dame des Arts" series  ©2015 Randy B. Nutt
The bumps and wiggles on the surface of the brain are a good symbol of how the brain works. Not literally but symbolically. We don’t think in straight lines. Connections move around and converge from different parts at high speed. Speed of light electricity, whoa! 

Within the Art/Science rotation we are constantly moving from Intuition (Art) and Data (Science) but both need the other for a well executed solution to their individual goals. An artist may rely on intuition for ideas in the act of creation but the making of the art happens in a physical reality. Things like the limitations and relationships of space, the characteristics of the materials are discovered and cataloged as data. There are physical and chemical actions and reactions that are known, by the artist’s personal experience or practice. These can be applied to calculated leaps of faith across multiple areas of knowledge, into something new. This also becomes data that can be applied to future intuitional, possibly inspirational moments.

A scientist also needs intuition and inspiration. There can’t just be numbers. Where do the numbers come from? Which numbers? What are you looking for to begin with? What strategy do you need? What system? This is an intuitive creative act. Take the above paragraph and replace artist with scientist. It’s a very similar process. The difference might be that the artist relies more on intuition and the scientist might rely more on data and, of course, artists are gods because they make things from nothing. Hey, that’s not true!
As we move from horizon to horizon, Art and Science form a rotating circle of expression and knowledge. I like the idea of the circle because I see art and science as being connected yet shifting in degrees, not unlike a spectrum of ideas in a color wheel or a moving pie chart design. We walk and think upon the earth which is circular.

Or we could say Art and Science are flip-sides of the same coin in the process of being flipped. Or even as a coin may rest upon a surface, we are still aware of what is on the other side. Or if it was a vinyl record, we could say, side A or the flip-side, side B. Either way we might say, spin that record baby, I want to hear it all!
And that’s a nice connection. Art and Science are both connected in the mind of a thinker. Within this circle upon this sphere, individuals have different abilities, areas of focus.

Different areas of emphasis in one mind.

Randy B. Nutt
July 22, 2015
I will have a solo exhibition
at the magnificent "KunstGalerie Notre Dame des Arts" 
in the Netherlands in Oct 1- Nov 1.

Rijksstraatweg 37, 6574 AC, Ubbergen
(near Nijmegen)
Hope to see you there!

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