India, #giveblitz update and more
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Somewhere in India... there's a child.Child in India

They aren't allowed to go to school and they don't always have food to eat. There is no clean water for them to drink in their village. They have their family. They have their community. Now--after the whole village converted to Christianity--they have the church. But they don't have food and they don't have clean water and they don't have a place to go to school. The cycle of poverty will continue there if nothing is done.

Somewhere in India... something is being done.

And in the United States, too. The church and other generous folks are joining forces to build a building that will house a school, be a community gathering place, drill a clean water well, and start a partnership with a village that will last for years and years. 
>> Transforming Generosity Together

This is the work of The 25 Group--transforming generosity together. By looking at giving differently, and by doing it together, we believe world-changing stuff can happen. As our little startup nonprofit grows, we're going to fund this project and other projects just like it. And then there will be less "somewhere in India" stories to tell.

Thanks for making January a great first month. We have a long way to go, but we're excited about our start. We hope this monthly communication will help you see that your giving matters, that we 
are making an impact, and we can do more and more to do the work of Matthew 25--helping the hungry, thirsty, unwelcome, sick, naked, and imprisoned. 


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On the 25th of every month, we host an online campaign to raise as much money as we can, one dollar at a time. Thanks for being with us from the very beginning this past month. 

We would love for you to help spread the word this month. Watch our Facebook and Twitter feeds for content to share come February 25th. And don't forget to chip in a dollar!

Donations to The 25 Group can now be made via your mobile device. It's as easy as texting the amount you choose to donate (say, $25) to 314-287-551.

The first time you give just follow the setup prompts. After that, all you have to do is text an amount and you're done. A Thank You message will confirm the receipt of your donation.
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With no salaries to pay and very little overhead, we are able to give right at 96% to our projects. This is well above the nonprofit industry average and something we're committed to continuing. As for the other 4%, approximately 3% goes to online transaction fees, and another 1% goes to miscellaneous administrative costs. 
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