From the CEO

On Sunday 7 August, the community was asked ‘to think about the quiet achievers and the superheroes who provide care with professionalism, compassion and dedication for our loved ones and give them the recognition they deserve’ (ACCPA Aged Care Employee Day).

We believe the spiritual care of older people — especially over these past couple of years — is the work of pure dedication and true compassion. You have provided, and continue to provide, the much-needed connection for vulnerable older Australians.

The work of spiritual care is an essential service and makes a difference every day to lives. What you do is extraordinary and you are all superheroes to us here at Meaningful Ageing Australia.

What is ARIIA?

Flinder University’s Aged Care Centre for Growth and Translational Research will now be known as ARIIA (Aged Care Research and Industry Innovation Australia).

Meaningful Ageing Australia is proud to be a supporting partner with ARIIA and we encourage you to consider applying for grants or to be involved in the Innovation Training Programs. You can find out more information here.

This Month’s Spotlight

World Alzheimer’s Day Special Event!

Pictured are Jason and Hendrika van Genderen (photo used with permission)

This year, on World Alzheimer’s Day — Wednesday 21 September — the team behind Everybody’s Oma want to celebrate the carers of those people living with dementia with a special Australia-wide carer’s screening of the film.

Everybody’s Oma follows Jason van Genderen, who makes home videos about his family. When Jason creates a supermarket at home so his elderly Mother ‘Oma’ can continue her shopping routine during lockdown, he accidentally turns her into an internet celebrity seen by over 100 million people worldwide. The family cared for Oma in creative and whimsical ways while navigating her increasing dementia under the spotlight of social media. This is a story about a family coming together while beautifully falling apart.

This World Alzheimer’s Day you can watch the film in selected cinemas, organise a screening at your local cinema with friends or colleagues through Fanforce, watch the film online or gift a carer a ticket so they can watch the film.

Afterwards, there will be a live Q&A with Jason and Megan van Genderen talking about their journey caring for Oma.

For more details about this very special event, head to Fanforce.

Welcome Susan Emerson to our Board

and Farewell to …

This past month we farewelled retiring Board Directors Raad Richards and Jennifer O’Connell.

We will miss Jennifer’s and Raad’s exceptional contributions to our Board and our organisation as a whole. They will always remain part of the Meaningful Ageing Australia extended family and we sincerely appreciate their ongoing enthusiasm for what we do.

Can we visit you … or share your news?

If you are a Meaningful Ageing Australia member, we’d love to come and visit you or share your news on our socials when you are recruiting or hosting a special event.

We’re always here if you’d like to chat about how we can support you as you do the important work of caring for our older people.

You can get in touch with Jacquie here or Rachael here.


“With the support of Meaningful Ageing Australia, there has been a greater sense of direction as to how to properly cater for residents’ spiritual needs as per national standards. This has led to greater staff confidence in their job and a renewed sense of hope and purpose for residents.”

Is your organisation ready to become a member?


Meaningful Ageing Australia is a registered charity and the national peak body for championing the spiritual care and emotional wellbeing of older people receiving care in residential and community aged care settings.

Spiritual care ensures that each older person’s spirituality is supported.

Spirituality is about how we create meaning, hope, purpose and connection in our lives.

For some, that might include religion and expressions of cultural faith. For others, it might be the peace and emotional wellbeing they experience through a connection with nature, or creativity, or through meditation or of being of service to others.

Meaningful Ageing Australia creates practical resources and education events to support aged care providers to build staff confidence and capability so that they can integrate emotional support and spiritual care into their day-to-day work.