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Thursday 5 May

Emma Fishwick, 'microLandscapes'. Photo: Sarah Walker


The Festival is officially open and it’s already been wonderful to speak with audiences from across the country who are visiting Melbourne and immersing themselves in the Next Wave Festival 2016 program. Here are some hot tips to optimise your Festival experience:
Squeeze in multiple shows a night at Northcote Town Hall or Arts House in North Melbourne – it’s like a movie marathon, but with less people smooching in the back row. Be aware that microLandscapes and Under My Skin only run for a few days, so get to them this weekend!

Grab a nightcap at the Toff and meet the people making this Festival what it is – the artists – in a cosy booth or on the dance floor. Make sure you come to the opening night party as well - you'll get to see Sugar Fed Leopards, and DJ sets from Total Giovanni and Broadway Sounds

See you at the Festival and chookas to all of our amazing artists!

Georgie Meagher
Artistic Director

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Exhibition openings

There are plenty of exhibitions to see during Next Wave Festival 2016. Opening tonight: Hannah Brontë's Still I Rise at Blak Dot Gallery, and Katie West's Decolonist alongside The Fraud Complex, curated by Johnson+Thwaites at West Space. Friday night sees the second part of shadow sites, curated by Samantha McCulloch & Frances Wilkinson, open at National Storage Collingwood, pluss Ua numi le fau, curated by Léuli Eshraghi open at Gertrude Contemporary. And make sure you don't miss the opening for Telltale, curated by Justin Hinder & Anna Louise Richardson at Arts Project Australia this Saturday afternoon.
This weekend... 

Head along to Arts House to see The Delta Project's Under My Skin before it’s gone, and don’t miss Emma Fishwick’s microLandscapes at Northcote Town Hall, with its season ending on Sunday. Also open or opening is Mummy Dearest, Sedih//Sunno, GROUND CONTROL and The Voices of Joan of Arc.

Also this weekend: catch the Sisters Akousmatica walking tour and performance event on Sunday, as well as the One Million Views walking tour on Saturday and Sunday workshop, ‘How to go viral’.
Emma Fishwick, microLandscapes Janie Gibson, The Voices of Joan of Arc
Ua numi le fau, Leuli Esraghi Julia Drouhin & Pip Stafford, Sisters Akousmatica

Editionless Editions, Our Disappearing Present

There are no profiles, no permanence and no images in this artist-run social media network that exists parasitically and temporarily within Next Wave’s website. Write through, across, into and out of Next Wave projects, identify yourself or not, provoke, comment, question and make connections. Don’t be shy, your messages only last for a limited time, and will not be archived. No logs are kept, and all data will disappear.

Online | Read more | Instructions

Kelly Fliedner, Ships in the Night

Ships in the night is a series of love letters between artworks floating in a festival. Responding to the aesthetic and the conceptual elements of various Next Wave Festival 2016 projects, Kelly Fliedner presents a program of readings and texts that find relations between works that, at first, might seem incongruous. Come along to one or all of the performances or listen to the Ships in the night podcast here to map your own journey.

Various Festival locations and online | Read more | Listen here

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Opening night party at The Toff In Town

Get ready to party like its 1997 – we mean, 2016 – as we kick off this year’s Next Wave Festival at The Toff in Town with our FREE Opening Night Party! Catch an early DJ set by Broadway Sounds, dance to the ultra-glam of Sugar Fed Leopards, and feel like a smooth operator with Total Giovanni's DJ set at the end of the night. Come say 'hi' to and have a (soft or stiff) drink with Next Wave Festival 2016 artists and friends. RSVP on Facebook here.

GIVEAWAY - The Voices of Joan of Arc

Janie Gibson's The Voices of Joan of Arc is a story of resistance, speaking to the tragedy of silenced women’s voices across the ages. To go into the draw to win a double pass to Friday night's 9pm show at Arts House, email with the subject line 'My name is Joanas'. 

Maurial Spearim, Blaaq Catt
Separating Hydrogen From Air, Eleanor Zeichner

Worm Hole - Ellen van Neerven, Four Grounds

"Her first house backed onto the North Star fields. She was a few months old when her dad started coaching there. He brought her a ball from the club. That was the start of football for her. He got home late with wet grass stuck to his legs, bringing the grounds inside. She grew and took her first steps on that ground." Read more

Decolonising practices at Next Wave Festival 2016

There are a number of projects as part of Next Wave Festival 2016 explore the idea of decolonisation – the undoing of colonialism – in Australia. They explore they ways that Aboriginal culture and identity has been affected by colonisers, and aim to bring Indigenous worldviews to the forefront. Read more.

Instagram highlights

Some highlights from Instagram this week. Images L-R, @atongatem's 'Akuot' 2015 as part of Léuli Eshraghi's Ua numi le fauBen Landau's super-gif ahead of Algorithmic Misfits, and @houseofvnholy's co-design


with @ameliald for Rachel PerksGROUND CONTROL, now open.

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Shadows on the hill Sisters Akousmatica

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