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We’re coming up on the second anniversary of having Patriot Plate out there.  What most folks don’t realize is that it took us almost two years before our launch to produce what we like to call the best body armor in America for the price.  Our goal then and remains still today was to make quality body armor, at a reasonable price for regular folks.

As good as it is, Patriot Plate suffers from the same issue that other body armor has – namely the vulnerability to M193 rounds.  M193 has an incredible velocity, and coupled with its bullet design, it perforates all steel body armor.

Even with the success of Patriot Plate, we continued to seek a solution to the M193 issue, which we’ve been working on for almost a year now.  Lots of flashbacks to the challenges we had when we started Patriot Plate.  Difficulties with suppliers, difficulties with fabricating curved plates, you name it.

Well, we finally made it happen!


o    A plate that stops more
  • Meets NIJ Level III standards
  • It stops M193 bullets
o    It’s thinner
o    It’s lighter

We’ll be offering it in three sizes:

o    10 x 12 curved just like the Patriot Plate
o    6x8 side plates flat like the Patriot Plate
o    8x10 plates with a shooters cut and curved

The 10x12 and the 8x10 plates will also have a small notch cut out of the bottoms of the plates.  Experience in the field has shown us that square corners can put extra stress on a plate carrier.

The 10x12 and 6x8 plates will fit in all of the current tactical plate carriers.  

We had to find a plate carrier for the 8x10 plates, and we’re working with the well-regarded Mission Spec folks to make a plate carrier for the 8x10s.  I’ve been wearing a prototype for a week now and this carrier, with two plates, weighs less than 9 pounds!

The 10x12s in a Condor Sentry carrier weigh less than 14 pounds!  A curved 8X10 plate weighs less than 6 pounds!

We’re hoping to have the plates in stock, for sale by the end of August.  Plates take us about six weeks to get.  You can being ordering from the website on 17 August for the 10x12 plates.

Realistically, we should be able to start shipping them no later than the 2nd week of September.  As always, we won’t bill you until we actually ship them.  The 6x8s should be available in mid to late September.

They will only be offered as curved plates.  The manufacturing process won’t allow for a mix of flat and curved.  For now, we won’t be offering a Line-X coating.  That might be available later once we figure out how to get the coating to stick to the armor!

We realize that everything is not available yet, but it took us so long to get to this point, we didn't want to wait any longer!  The 10X12's are coming; everything else will follow as soon as we can make it happen!  

We’re still working on the finished carrier from Mission Spec, so we don’t have a price on the carrier yet.

What are the new plates going to cost?

Sentry    $275.00     This is two curved 10x12 plates in a solid-color Condor Sentry Carrier
10x12 Pair     $225.00     Curved
8x10 Pair       $170.00     Curved
6x8 Pair         $110.00     Flat

We do intend to continue to offer Patriot Plate as a high-quality, low-cost solution to body armor.  


Thanks for your support!

Gun Shows:

  • 8-9 Aug, Greenville, SC, TD Convention Ctr
  • 8-9 Aug, Kingsport, TN,  Meadowview Convention Ctr
  • 15-16 Aug, Charlotte, NC, Metrolina Expo Ctr 
AUG 2015


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