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Big News!

We’re using a new email strategy in order to make it more interesting and useful to you.  Bear with us while we learn to master it!  We’re off to Greenville, SC, for one of the best gun shows that we go to.  We offer some really nice specials for our gun show customers and want to give our customers & friends the first shot at these deals.  No one else knows about these deals but you!

These deals are going to be short.  The special prices end at midnight on Thursday, so we can finish packing up on Friday mornings.

So, What are these deals?

Our ACH/MCH helmets are the first.  The Army pays almost $300 for these.  Lots more comfortable than the old Kevlar “Fritz” helmet, and have the concussion-proof pads inside, plus much better vision.  We normally sell them for the low price of $124.99.  While they last, they are going for $99.99 a helmet!  Heck, the upgrade kit to upgrade your old Kevlar sells for that much!  To get this deal:  apply the coupon code HELMET when checking out!

ACU pattern Combat Shirt is the second deal.  They are normally incredibly low-priced, but for the show, they will be $24.99 or two for $39.99!  These sell new for close to $100!  If you buy a new ACU combat shirt, apply the coupon code COMBATNEW; if you buy a used/excellent shirt, apply the coupon code COMBATUSEDIf you buy 2, we’ll take the additional amount off manually when we receive your order.

This sale positively ends at midnight on Thursday.


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