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There has been a lot of consternation on the net & blogs regarding the “Responsible Body Armor Possession Act”  HR5344, introduced by Rep Mike Honda (D – California) on 31 July.  The bill would prohibit civilians from buying or owning armor (including vests, shields and other items) rated Type III or higher on the NIJ’s penetration resistance scale.  (Their exact wording, not mine.)

This is a typical BS style of bill introduced by those who wish to 1) insure that their special class is exempt from a law, 2) infringe on the liberty of free Americans, and 3) package it with a title that sounds “nice”.  This is the standard MO of those who love the state more than the individual.

This has virtually zero chance of passing.  Zero.  It would have to pass the House first, then pass the Senate.  It’s not going to happen.  Honda either feels like he has to pander to his base for the fall election, or he is a complete idiot.

What bothers us right now is the acts of some of our competitors who are using this bill to scare people into panic buys of body armor. 

We’re on the mailing list of some of our competition, and the email blasts trying to scare folks have filled my inbox.  We were selling at a gunshow in Greenville, SC this past weekend (the single best show we attend by the way – next show is in October!).  Other vendors selling body armor were telling folks that they needed to buy before the ban comes into effect.

Sure, we want to sell Patriot Plate -  it helps pay our bills.  We started Patriot Plate in order to get quality body armor into the hands of folks that needed it, all at a reasonable price.  We don’t want folks to make panic purchases right now if they have other things that they need to get for their preps.

We’re not going to try to cash in on a panic that doesn’t exist.  We’re not going to artificially raise our prices and take advantage of folks.

Any price increases will be due to increased costs by our supplier, not merely because you can take advantage of folks.  And there are no price increases on the horizon, according to our supplier. Most of you know us (or certainly of us).  We’re on the same team.

Please share this with friends who are considering a panic buy.  We all remember the “crisis” with the black guns and magazines. 

We all do our fellow patriots a service by sharing the truth.

On a lighter note - we’ve finally moved in on our new store! (1367 MER**
It was a lot of work, but we think that once we have everything organized it will be better for all of us.
One of the exciting things we discovered in the move was the large number of items that we never put on the web page.  These are all small quantities (less than a half a dozen) that we saved until we had more.  Well, as we get organized they will all get added to the web site.  Folks looking for old, vintage and unique things will have fun paging through the site!  
We ended up with enough sign space that we made a separate sign for the Patriot Plate with the III logo.  Folks that understand will appreciate it.  Those that don’t might stop in and ask and we have a chance to bring some new folks into the fold!  Our new signs are below!

Thanks for your support!

Gun Shows:

  • 16-17 August, Charlotte, NC, Metrolina Expo Center
  • 30-31 August, Chattanooga, TN, Camp Jordan Arena
August 2014


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