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Make 2015 the year of YOUR website!
It's time to update your branding, bring your site into the year 2015, and make it responsive! If it sounds daunting, let us do the heavy lifting. This month, we kicked off projects with clients in some cool new industries and we'd be happy to add more. In more important news, did you know the Patriots are in the Super Bowl?!
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Join us on February 11th

Champ will be at the Framingham library speaking to small businesses about how to become a social media guru.
Champ in the News

Read our social media tips for financial advisors on the Financial Planning Magazine website. 
Who doesn't love puppies?

Definitely one of our favorite Super Bowl commercials from last year. Rumor has it there is a sequel in the works!
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Screen grabs in a flash! Adding the Google Chrome Extension Awesome Screenshot, is simple and allows you the annotate and share screenshots quickly.  
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Paid SEM or organic SEO? The answer is a little of both in 2015, but the very first step is learning the difference between the two. 
By The Numbers
How much data will cross the internet this year? We are entering into "zettabyte" territory in terms of global traffic. Check out this infographic to learn more.
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