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We don't want to talk about it anymore...
Yes, you guessed it! We are trying to avoid the dreaded "snow" word, even though it's the one thing on everyone's mind here in Boston, along with predictions on when "it" will melt. We are hoping to see grass by May. If you dare, take a look at the photo album we compiled to ensure we never forget the Winter of 2015
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Champ in the News

We were featured on the Rescue A CEO blog last week. The blog features tips on how to use Facebook for business, scroll down to number 28 to see Champ's tip.

Framingham Library Event

Champ addressed small businesses at the Framingham Library this month. We spoke about the do's and don'ts of social media and how to generate content. 

Champ Referral Program

Did you know that Champ offers a sweet reward ($$$) for any referrals sent our way? Check out the link below for the program details. 

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Don't be a victim of image theft. Use the Google Chrome Extension "Search By Image" to easily track down your images and protect your property.   
Tips & Tactics
Is it time to advertise on social media? A question every business should ask themselves. Reaching a uniquely targeted audience is just one of the many benefits. 
By The Numbers
Ever wonder how many people it takes to run Amazon? Over 132,000! The e-commerce giant also has more than 2 million marketplace sellers. Check out the link below to see more surprising stats.
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