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The Ports and Yachting Directorate, Transport Malta, notifies mariners that a fireworks display will be held in Grand Harbour on Saturday, 30 April 2016.

Fireworks will be let off from a barge and pontoons placed off Bighi Point. The Barge will be placed in position, on Saturday, 30 April 2016 between 0830 and 1030, and will be removed when the display finishes. Two (2) sinkers with lit marker buoys will be placed in positions Y and Z on Saturday 30 April 2016 between 0930 and 1200 and removed during the night, while the pontoons will then be placed between Y and Z on Saturday, 30 April 2016 between 1200 and 1730, they will be removed immediately after the displays. A copy of part BA Chart 177 showing arrangement of barge and pontoons is attached.

Schedule of the fireworks is as follows:
Saturday 30 April 2016 from 2100 hrs till 2230 hrs local Time (1900 hrs and 2030 hrs UTC)

In view of the above, mariners are informed that part of Grand Harbour (as shown on chart) will be closed to all vessels as follows:

Saturday 30 April 2016 from 1615 hrs till 2245 hrs

Imaginary lines bind the restricted area between the points A - B, C - D, E – F and G – H as shown on the attached chart. The barge and pontoons are to be given a wide berth at all times.

The fireworks barge will be loaded at the quay in “Id-Dahla ta’ Rinella” and moved back at the end of the display. In view of this and in the interest of safety and for the safety of navigation of this barge out of and in to “Id-Dahla ta’ Rinella”, no vessel is to be anchored in “Id-Dahla ta’ Rinella” between the imaginary line E – F and the intermediate coastline on Saturday 30 April 2016.

During the event shipping movements in Grand Harbour will be restricted. No vessel will be allowed within the restricted area, except by arrangement through the Organising Committee. Authorised craft are to give the display barge a wide berth of at least 200m at all times. No movements whatsoever will be allowed during the actual displays.

Mariners are to comply with instructions and directions issued by Valletta Port Control (Valletta VTS) on VHF Channel 12, Police, patrol boats and Transport Malta Enforcement that will be in the area.

Chart Affected: BA 177 

Further information relating to such alerts can be accessed on the Transport Malta website.

Please do ensure you are fully conversant with these instructions.
In case of any queries we invite you to contact the Ports & Yachting Directorate on +356 21222203