Lifeline - Notice to Mariners
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The exercise will take place within the area enclosed by the following positions:

From Position A: LATITUDE (N)

35o 55’.54

thence on a bearing of 335 True x 8.5 nautical miles to:

Position B:

LATITUDE (N) 36o 03’.25

thence on an arc of a circle radius 8.5 nautical miles centred on position A to:

Position C:

LATITUDE (N) LONGITUDE (E) 35o 59’ .81 14o 37’. 39

thence on a bearing of 240 True to position A.

As shown on attached chart

All vessels in the vicinity must proceed with caution and keep at least eight and a half nautical miles (8.5NM) off the Pembroke Coast on the dates and times indicated. Instructions given by AFM craft patrolling the area and Valletta VTS (Valletta Port Control Channel 12) are to be compiled with at all times.

Chart affected BA 194, 2537 and 2538 Positions referred to WGS 84 DATUM 

Further information relating to such alerts can be accessed on the Transport Malta website.

Please do ensure you are fully conversant with these instructions.
In case of any queries we invite you to contact the Ports & Yachting Directorate on +356 21222203