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Day @ The Capitol

Day @ The Capitol

Thursday, May 1st
(please note the date change)

7:30-8am  Networking & Light Breakfast
8-10am  Presentation
10-11am  Optional State Capitol Building Tours

With numerous bills directly affecting the tech industry this session, the future of technology is being shaped in the Colorado Capitol — today. Please Join the Colorado Technology Association, industry executives, and our Colorado policy makers to discuss important Legislative issues.  

Speakers include:
  • Secretary of State Scott Gessler
  • Senator Newell, Member, Joint Technology Committee
  • Rep. Delgrosso, House Minority Leader
  • Rep. Rankin, Member, Joint Technology Committee
  • Senator Scheffel, CTA Technology Advocate of the Year
  • Senator Cadman, Senate Minority Leader
  • Rep. Williams, CTA Technology Advocate of the Year (Invited)
  • Rep. Pabon, Assistant Majority Leader (Invited)
  • Senator Guzman, Speaker Pro Tempore (Invited)
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Current Legislation Related to Colorado's Tech Industry

CTA's staff and public policy team is on Capitol Hill fighting for the best interests of the Colorado technology industry. We are actively influencing and weighing in on a number of bills that will have an impact on the tech industry. These State bills include:

(Support-original form) SB 14-125, Transportation Network Companies Regulation – CTA has taken a strong support position on this piece of legislation. The bill expands safe and affordable transportation options in Colorado by creating a new regulated category of Transportation Network Companies (TNCs), which match drivers and riders through a digital network. The bill emphasizes Colorado’s commitment to innovation, safety and the growing sharing economy.
However, the spirit of Senate Bill 125 now faces challenges from amendments added to the bill by the House Transportation Committee. These burdensome regulations will inhibit the TNC services' ability to operate in Colorado. Companies like
UberX and Lyft have already committed to public safety by providing additional insurance, criminal background checks for drivers, driver record checks, vehicle inspections and PUC oversight — these additional regulations would stifle companies' ability to compete and render Colorado an unattractive market for TNCs. If Senate Bill 125 is not passed in a reasonable form, UberX and Lyft would be forced to shut down, eliminating more than 1,500 jobs in the state. Will McCollum, Uber quote
CTA believes this is the perfect opportunity to set a precedent in Colorado. We hope to send a message to tech-based businesses that Colorado can craft legislation and new forms of governance that both promote public safety and encourage a competitive marketplace, while keeping up with the technological dynamism that keeps our economy moving forward. We want to foster an environment that welcomes new innovations that enhance our lives as consumers. These innovations often disrupt the lifestyle we are used to, but time and time again, these disruptions have changed our world for the better. CTA encourages a vibrant economy that secures the state’s position as a center for entrepreneurial activity and technological leadership.
Please support technology and innovation by signing this petition—to ensure services like UberX and Lyft can continue to thrive in our state.
Sign the UberX petition here
(Support) HB 14-1011, Advanced Industry Economic Development Funding – JB Holston, CTA Board Member and Member of CTA’s Public Policy Committee, testified in support of the bill in the House Business, Labor, Economic & Workforce Development Committee. The bill passed the Finance Committee on Tuesday, April 15th and will makes its way to the House Appropriations Committee.

(Support) HB 14-1012, Advanced Industry Investment Income Tax Credit – CTA testified in support of the bill in the House, and the bill is now waiting to be heard in the Senate. We will continue to support the bill because the it will help to increase Angel Investments in Colorado.

(Oppose) HB 14-1269, Marketplace Fairness & Small Business Protection (“Wal-Mart Bill) – Bill Mueldener, CTA Board Member and Member of CTA’s Public Policy Committee, testified in opposition to the bill. The bill in its current form will have many adverse effects on the business community in Colorado.
(Support) HB  
1327132813291330 and 1331  Telecom Reform – CTA has been involved in the stakeholder meeting process. The Telecom package passed the house and will be heard in the Senate beginning this week. 

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