Women's Space Maleny 2016 ~ what an awesome day!
MNC Inaugural Art Prize 2016

Other great events:
Housing Conversations
Permaculture Courses have returned
Inclusive Writing
BodyTalk Access Course
Effective Parenting
Circle of Security - Parenting Workshop
Parents of Teens  - Peer to Peer Support
Rhonda Hetzel's book launch - The Simple Home
...and so much more!

Forest Heart 
Maleny Credit Union

Disclaimer: MNC very much appreciates the support of the services that use our centre and advertise in our newsletter, however does not in any way endorse any products or services advertised. 
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Maleny Neighbourhood News - March 2016

Hello <<First Name>>, as usual this newsletter is packed with events and courses of interest to everyone!

Women's Space was amazing. We have another fund-raising event coming up. In June we have the Maleny Neighbourhood Centre Inaugural Art Prize. Come join the fun! If you have a few hours to spare and would like to join our events as a volunteer we'd love your support as well.

There is so much more happening at the MNC. Something for everyone!

Women’s Space Maleny
We did it!

"Women sharing healing, knowledge and experiences."
What a beautiful day was created in this amazing space we have at MNC.  The energies of the day were truly flowing, nurturing, open, inclusive, compassionate, sensitive, courageous, and inquisitive. Pain was shared and heard by the deep inner strength that permeated the space, a strength and a resolve from those who have gone before us, those who have paved the way, sublime ~ the feminine energies. We connected, and shared, we healed and sang and laughed and honoured each other.

In this space, created with feminine energies, we are able to welcome and embrace each other ~ our land's original people, our neighbours, our men, our community. Thank you everyone for an amazing day! 

Here are some stats from the day:
  • 77 people visitors were counted through the gate
  • additionally there were 18 participants including teams of practitioners
  • there were around 20 volunteers
  • so all up, over 100 people participated on the day
  • we made over $1000 in funds for MNC - that's enough to feed 5 emergency relief families for 2 week based on what it currently costs us
  • we seeded a number of initiatives that are beginning to birth
We are looking forward to next year's event. We've been brain-storming already, the things we've learned and new concepts to bring to the day. Thank you everyone for your participation.

Enjoy these photos from the day.



The Sunshine Coast lives up to its name when it comes to harnessing sunshine

Sunny coasters can use what nature provides in abundance to harness solar power and make these positive changes.

Give up your dependence on large energy companies, generate your own electricity.

Reduce your carbon footprint and protect your environment.

Increase the value of your home.

But best of all ….. SAVE MONEY!

Solar energy is sustainable for energy consumption; it’s indefinitely renewable while the sun keeps shining!

All you need is a roof, sunshine and the funds to set up solar power. If you don’t have access to ready funds Maleny Credit Union has slashed the interest rate on our Solar Loan so you can slash your power bills.
From 11 to 13 June 2016, Maleny Neighbourhood Centre will host the Inaugural MNC National Art Prize.

MNC will be inviting artists from all over Australia to participate in bringing the message of RESPECT into focus as we continue our work to support marginalised groups in our community.

Maleny Neighbourhood Centre (MNC) works to reduce hardship in our local area and with a strong contingent of volunteers is committed to supporting community. Our work is to foster resilient and fair communities and a just society where diversity is celebrated and participation encouraged.

In May of each year MNC holds two very important events
“Say No to Domestic Violence and Yes to Respect Day”,
 “National Healing Day”. Both these events highlight the need for “respect”.

MNC also works to be inclusive of other marginalised communities, in particular the LGBTI community and Refugees

The event will be hosted by the Maleny Neighbourhood Centre, the winning entry will be selected by a panel of 3 judges and announced on the opening night. The terms and conditions of the art prize and entry form will be available on the Maleny Neighbourhood centre’s website from the 1st March 2016 at

The first prize winner will receive $3000 which is sponsored by the Maleny IGA.

For more information see our website:
or contact: Satya Demasson by email: or
MNC Ph: 07 5499 9345

Housing Conversations Update

Join Julia for a cuppa and discussion at the Neighbourhood Centre to find out about progress of the housing projects from last year's Housing Conversations. The discussion group will run monthly on the first Tuesday of the month
Tuesday 15 March 10am-12pm an Information Session for a new Spare Rooms Group will be run at the Centre.

If you are interested in finding out what might be involved in you offering your spare room, some storage or empty caravan for emergency or 'interim' accommodation or storage to people in our area, please come along.

Light refreshments will be served. Note: Another group for people who are looking for assistance will be run at a later date. Please RSVP to Julia for catering purposes.

Do you have a spare room?

Featured Events
This month & next

Inclusive Writing Group for Youth and Adults with Special Needs

EPICC (Enabling and Promoting Inclusive Creative Community) is a new project, which proposes to provide creative learning and socialisation opportunities for people with disabilities in our community.

PROJECTS DATES for Term 1 2016
January: Friday 29  
February: 5, 12, 19
March: 4, 11, 18 
April: 8, 15, 22 April

Sessions will focus on creative writing and incorporate other creative aspects (music and/or art). The cost will be $50 per day.


Our contact details are:
Sue Irwin on 5499 9899 or
Debbie Rossow on 54999623 or by Email


This one-day programme is the ultimate in self-care.

WHEN: Sunday March 13
WHERE: Maleny Neighbourhood Centre

Brain balancing, cellular hydration, nurturing your immune system, (it provides your body’s defences) and balancing your body’s structure and form, including addressing any disturbed fascia, all in this simple self-care routine. You’ll be applying focus and tapping. Results are immediately noticeable.

These techniques will enhance any other health care programme that you are involved in as it tunes up your whole body to better adapt and adjust where needed.

I’ve invited an Instructor to Maleny for this one-day course so if you’re within driving distance, don’t miss this! Once you feel the results, you will use it all the time in your own self-care programme, AND for your family.

This is a certificated one-day course.

You can find more information and register here.

Parents of Teenagers

Peer to Peer Support Group

Having teenagers can be challenging as our children become young adults with different views on life to ours, wanting to explore the world their way or not always being able to communicate with us. It can be tough. You are not alone. 
If you want to share, ask questions or just connect, come and find support with other parents in a facilitated small group.
The group meets every Tuesday morning from 9am to 11am. Morning tea provided.

On Tuesday 15th March 2016, there will be a session on what Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is.
9am to 11am. Presented by Andrew Zanos.

Andrew is an Authorised Mental Health Practitioner. He possesses a career that spans 30 years, the last 12 working with children and their families. As a father of seven children including three adolescents he believes he is in a solid position to talk about the challenges of raising children and teenagers in this generation. 

For more information, email Anne on Ph: 3051 6311



Morag Gamble 

VENUE: Maleny Neighbourhood Centre 
DATES: Friday 15 April and Friday 22 April 
TIMES: 10.30am to 12pm.
  • The workshops are free.
  • There is a limit of 25 people/ workshop 
  • Book with MNC Ph: 5499 9345

Herbs bring our food to life and tantalise our tastebuds. Explore both common and unusual herbs for creating delicious culinary herb oils, butters, blends, vinegars - for your own pantry, and for gifts.

Here on the Sunshine Coast we can grow many amazing superfoods that help us maintain or return to health. Learn how to grow, harvest and use these superfoods. You will learn how to propagate these plants and be able to take some home for your garden. 

by Sean Gilligan
Friday 18th March at 6pm

presented by
Aunty Beverly Hand

Come along to the movie and discussion on the night.
Gold coin donation entry.
Presented by Eckankar free events –

HU Chant and discussion with a Spiritual theme                  
How to Find God’s Blessings in Your Daily Life
Maleny weekly Wednesdays

Maleny Neighbourhood Centre
17 Bicentenary Lane. (Off Coral St.)

Contact:  5496 5054 * 0429 957 989




Family Services - Wendy.
Details in the side panel of this newsletter.
When: Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays
Time: 7.30 am to 3.00 midday

Centrelink - Homeless & Vulnerable Outreach Program
Every second Monday
Time: 9.00 - 11.00am with Tony.
(If you are coming from a distance please phone MNC to check that Tony is here before you travel.)

Blackall Range Care Games Morning Contact Janene 5429 6152
Time: 9.30 am - 12pm

Free legal advice & service - Suncoast Community Legal (every 2nd Mon.) 
Ph 5443 7827 for appointment

FREE BodyTalk Access Sessions - Family Healthcare Programme (5 tapping techniques) with Josie Coco
Time: 1.00 pm - 3.00 pm
For more information and to Book your place


FREE Parents of Teenagers Peer to Peer group
Time: Tuesdays from 9 am to 11am
Contact Anne on 3051 6311
For more information 

APM Job Active Employment Services with Lisa 
Time: Tuesdays from 9:00 am

Justice of the Peace - to witness signatures of official documents
Time: 9.30 am - 12.30 pm

Maleny Floral Art Group - (2nd Tuesday of the month)
Time: 9.00 am-12.00 noon 


Family Services - Wendy
Details in side panel of this newsletter
When: Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays
Time: 7.30 am to 3.00 midday

EKANKAR Free Events
Hu Chant and Spiritual Discussion   
Contact Jennifer Ph: 0429 957 989  or 5496 5054
Time: 6.00 - 7.30pm

FREE Haircuts
4th Wednesday every second month - make appts at MNC Front Desk

Community Solutions Disability Employment 
Contact: Liz  Ph: 5413 1555 for an appointment
Time: Wednesdays Midday - 5 pm

COUNSELLOR - Nathalie Bastier
12.00 midday - 3.00 pm
Available for Emergency Relief Clients and Volunteers
Contact MNC Front Desk for an appointment
for more information....


Family Services - Wendy
Details in side panel of this newsletter
When: Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays
Time: 7.30 am to 3.00 midday

Fix It Cafe - 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month
Time: 9.00 am - 2.00 pm. $5 donation per item.

Community Lunch ($5 donation) – EVERY THURSDAY

Justice of the Peace - to witness signatures of official documents
Time: 12.30 am - 2.30 pm
Last day for 2015 Thurs. 17th Dec, returning, Thursday 14th Jan.

Maleny Men’s Group
Ph: Rob Clark  0414 315 399 or 5641 2534,
Email: Rob
Ref Maleny Men's Group FB Page for updated events, meeting times and information.


Billy's Ayurvedic Kitchen
Time: 12.15pm
Donation: $10 minimum

Every Week Day 
Flexi School (Except Friday)
Free Wi-Fi, computers available
Family Support
Counselling Support on request
Care Connect Age Support
Partners in Recovery Mental Health
Rooms of all sizes to rent 24 / 7 at affordable prices
Phone use, photocopying
Get connected with your community
Emergency Food Relief - lots of different support needs available and the use of our washing machine

Help Us Help Your Neighbourhood 

MNC is appealing to our community to support our neighbourhood efforts.

We have some 70 volunteers serving the Maleny community, fed more than 1,000 people in crisis during 2015 and we've come up with a great, and all together painless way for you to support us on an ongoing basis!

Can you spare five dollars to help your Neighbourhood Centre thrive?

To avoid all fees you can go to your own internet banking page and set up a recurring monthly payment to Maleny Neighbourhood Centre ($20 per month is 66 cents per day.) 

For more information read more..
Or to donate by Paypal go to:

IGA CBC Number

MNC purchases food from IGA so if you would like to assist us, please join our CBC community. Our CBC number is: 43 356

Community Lunch Thursdays

Come and join us for a delicious lunch, meet other community members for a $5 donation.

MNC needs five volunteers each week to put on this splendid feast. The new roster is on the office door - please choose a time that suits you to help out.

Your Local Native Nursery

For quality services, products and advice we are your one stop shop for local native plants, bush foods, timber trees, native gardens, tools and equipment for Revegetation and Bush Regeneration, nest boxes, books, DVD’s and art.

"We live in a biodiversity hotspot", says Spencer. "There are some 3500 plants local to the region and we're encouraging home gardeners to plant them as an alternative to the usual garden plants that become weeds in our local forests."

At this time of starting up business here in Maleny, Spencer has moved his office to be on-site in Coral Street. Take the opportunity to go along and chat. You'll get the benefit of his long history working with regeneration and the biodiversity of our local region.

20 Coral Street, Maleny
Ph: 07 5435 2193

Events Volunteer Teams

Amongst our fundraising events planned for this year is MNC Art Prize - 11th - 13th June.

For this event to run smoothly we need the assistance of people who have experience with events management as well as  those who are willing to work alongside organisers.
  • Planning the event
  • Installing marquees and items for the events
  • Crowd Management / security
  • Advertising/Marketing
  • First Aid
  • Health and Safety
  • Other
If you would like to participate we would very much appreciate your help. Please contact the Funding Group and let us know how you would like to help, through this email address. Thank you.

Maleny Pearl
Connection Group


The PEARL group is continuing.  We surveyed group attendees and a common request was for the group to become social and to be based at varying locations in the community. 

Please find attached the new flyer

The group has been completely rebranded and is known as Maleny Pearl Connection Group.

The Group is now more focused on socialising, getting out of the house and into the community and generally connecting with others.  This is aligned with the requests of group members.

Maleny Local Business

MNC is launching an opportunity for local ethical businesses to advertise in our monthly newsletter which goes out to about 1600 people per month.
Your ad could read for example:
"Specialising in bringing you the very best
service possible since ....
'A quote from your valued client here or a feature of a new and exciting product or service that you offer.' "
Contact us... link to your website

For more information...

Maleny LETS Market

Come along and join in the fun at the next Maleny LETS market, here at the MNC every month.
Stall Bookings
Ph: Gay: 0424 379 338

WHEN: Saturday 12th March
TIME: 9.00 am - 1.00 pm

Volunteer Profile

Greg Williams

Greg is currently serving as Treasurer on the MNC Management Committee but that’s just one of his voluntary roles. He’s also the incumbent President of the Maleny District Sports and Recreation Club, an umbrella club for some 50 affiliate service clubs in Maleny and district. He’s a dab hand at Grant writing and has been involved in seeking funds and the completion of many projects in the district, big and small, in collaboration with a project team.
“I’ve learned a lot since I’ve been volunteering. One important lesson is to identify the willing and talented people and work with them. There is so much skilled and talented people here in Maleny who can get things done,” says Greg.
In discussion with Greg, I discovered that he has been involved in teams and working in a voluntary capacity most of his adult life. “Being involved in teams as a kid, having to participate in fund raising activities, and do all the teamwork that is required to keep clubs going and keep teams together was all part of my growing up.”
Greg grew up in a happy family home in Cooparoo along with his twin Brad Williams, a teacher at Maleny High, and 2 other siblings. He eventually married the daughter of a Maleny dairy farmer and made his home in Maleny in the early eighties. Greg set up a Law Practice in Mooloolabah with a visited office in Maleny. He’s been involved in much of Maleny’s history since, including “Stop the Batch Plant move to relocate on the Obi behind the Butter Factory”, and representing protestors during the Woolworth’s Protest.

Greg has also been an active member of Maleny Apex where he has made many friends during his time in Maleny.
“Working on projects with a team, and spending money for the benefits of a group really is meaningful to me. I love it. In a place like Maleny and the way we work together in teams in the various clubs and associations we are helping form the direction of our community for our children. Many of the same people are involved on a number of committees and so we are well informed of a good cross-section of the community and their needs.”
The MNC very much appreciates Greg’s involvement and commitment on the Maleny Neighbourhood Centre Management Committee.


When: Every 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month. 

March – 10, 24
April – 14, 28
May – 12, 26
June – 9, 23
July – 14, 28
August – 11, 25
September – 8, 22
October – 13, 27
November – 10 ( 4th birthday), 24
December - 8

Time: 9.00 am - 2.00 pm in the Western Courtyard.

Donation: $5 per item

Facebook Group

Billy's Ayurvedic

Fridays 12.15 pm
Donation: Min $10 - supports MNC fund-raising efforts
Starts again on Friday 22nd January 2016

Billy prepares and serves lunch on Fridays from the MNC kitchen, incorporating the principles of Ayurvedic food preparation and consumption.
  • fresh, local organic produce is used as much as possible
  • food is prepared on the day, within 3 hours of serving
"Good Digestion is the number 1 contributor to Good Health"


~ Emergency Relief Clients ~
WHEN: Every 4th Wed of the month
TIME: 11.00 am
APPOINTMENTS: Ph: 5499 9345 or make your appointment at the MNC Front Desk

Upcoming Free Webinars 2016

You can come to Maleny Neighbourhood Centre to attend these webinars or access it from home.
What's new with Windows 10
March 4: 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm
Here's your link to listen in online 
Learning LinkedIn
February 26: 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm
Here's your link to listen in online


Book Launch

Rosetta Books is excited to announce the launch of best-selling author Rhonda Hetzel's new book, The Simple Home.

Please join us at MalenyNeighbourhood Centre on Wednesday March 23rd from 6pm for nibbles and drinks.

Many will know Rhonda from when she was involved with the Neighbourhood Centre in the passed.
For bookings, contact Rosetta Books on Ph: 5435 2134
or Email Rosetta Books.

Tickets: $10 all inclusive.

Caloundra & Hinterland Family Support Programme

Sometimes families struggle with problems like financial pressures, difficulties coping with children, feeling isolated, lonely & stressed. Often parents just need someone to talk to.

Family Support is an early intervention programme that aims to improved children's development and wellbeing by supporting the capacity of those in a parenting role. Specifically working with children up to the age of 12 years, Family Support seeks to:
  • strengthen family relationships
  • support families
  • improve children's wellbeing
  • increase participation in community life to strengthen family and community functioning
If you think that you or your family, may benefit from this type of support, give Wendy a call on Mob: 0423 716 705

Wendy is at the MNC on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.
Time: 7.30 am - 12.00 midday.

Emergency Relief Story


I am a pensioner on a fixed income and I find it difficult to make ends meet financially. I use the MNC to help augment my grocery supply from time to time. I especially likes getting cans of lentils because I can use them in a variety of dishes.

During a recent cold snap in Maleny, I came to the Centre and received a couple of woollen blankets to keep me warm at night. I have used the counselling service offered by the MNC and have found that to be helpful in being able to discuss any problems I may have in my life.
I also use the computer / internet service offered at MNC and find that very handy. I attend the Thursday Community lunches offered at the MNC when I can and also volunteer at these lunches occasionally. I think the lunches are a wonderful way to connect to others in the community.
I really enjoy the friendly and welcoming atmosphere at the MNC and especially appreciate the non-intrusive nature of the staff and volunteers. This makes it easier for me to remember what I need at the time as I can get easily flustered when there is a lot going on. I appreciate that people at the MNC are always willing to sit down and have a chat with me about any needs I may have.

I am a pensioner on a fixed income and I find it difficult to make ends meet financially. I use the MNC to help augment my grocery supply from time to time. I especially likes getting cans of lentils because I can use them in a variety of dishes.

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This year we have 2 raffle prizes:

$500 gift voucher from iConnect 
Maleny Lodge has kindly donated
2 nights for 2 
stay mid-week with continental & cooked breakfast 
Value $450 

Tickets $2
Drawn when 1000 tickets sold

Maleny Neighbourhood Centre acknowledges assistance funding for the 2015 financial year from QLD Govt Dept of Communities Child Safety and Disability Services.

The Maleny Neighbourhood Centre acknowledges Sunshine Coast Council for their valuable support with a Partnership Grant for $15,000 which will assist with administration costs until August 2015.
Maleny Neighbourhood Centre proudly acknowledges local support from Sunshine Coast Council Community Partnership Funding Program, APEX, Country Women Association, Foundation Dental Services, Lions Club of Maleny, Maleny and District Senior Citizens, Maleny Baptist Church, Maleny Uniting Church, Maleny Catholic Ladies, Maleny Rotary, Maleny Garden Club, Maleny Quota, Maleny Credit Union, Montville Coffee, Zonta Club of Blackall Range.
Writer: Josie Coco    Editor: Anne Delmas
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