Three weeks left to gather your flock for the 2016 Secret Knowledge Conference.

Join us Monday Sept. 26th for Secret Knowledge Exchange Happy Hour - we'll be talking about the conference. It's a great way to connect with other people looking to attend.
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We're Postering

Poster marketing is always such an adventure. Here's a behind the scenes look at what goes into promoting the Secret Knowledge Conference.
From the top:
  1. We were really excited about the poster placement in the window of this converted school bus of the Grilled Cheese Grill on NE Alberta. Someone eating a sandwich asked, "Why do you have a stapler in your hand?"
  2. Sometimes the most visible moment for a poster is as you are putting it up. (Secret Knowledge's yellow tackhammer is nicknamed "Exhibit A", because it looks like an improvised weapon.)
  3. This beautiful marbled paper effect happened when our white poster got drenched in the rain and the ink of the red poster beneath it bled through. You can still see the content, including the logos of our lead sponsors Pembroke Asset Advisors, LLC; SCRAP; Jupiter Hotel; and Oregon Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts.
  4. Putting a poster up in this window downtown involves getting an invitation from the passport photo business next door and entering an ominous abandoned restaurant - complete with a trapdoor stairway!
Join us Monday, September 26th 5pm - 7pm at Victoria Bar for


Talent Alone Isn't Enough - Join SECRET KNOWLEDGE for two hours of creative community connection cleverly designed to help you grow your career.
Introvert friendly, nutritious, and habit forming, the Secret Knowledge Exchange is about creative people helping each other; it's not another schmoozfest.

Event Info / RSVP / Invite friends via Facebook.

This time we'll be talking about what's in store at the 2016 Secret Knowledge Conference! Connect with other interested attendees to form your conference flock, and take advantage of the Early Flock Discount ($99 per person for groups of 3 - 5).

Victoria Bar  - 4835 N Albina Ave


2nd Annual
Saturday, November 19th
Jupiter Hotel

Enroll Now.  Save up to 60%
$249 $179 (Early Bird)

Registration is limited to 100 people. Secure your spot today.
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available now through September 30th.

Early Bird $179 / Enriched* Early Bird $299

Two Early Birds $148 each / Two Enriched* Early Birds $268 each

3-5 person Early Flock - $99 each.

Use this handy Facebook Event page to gather your flock. (invite friends)

Or, attend the Secret Knowledge Exchange Happy Hour on Sept. 26th, we'll be helping people connect to flock the conference. (FB event page)
* NEW!
Each Enriched Conference Registration includes an hour of one-on-one career insight from Secret Knowledge's Founder, Noah Kleiman, during the 12 months which follow the Secret Knowledge Conference. It's a great way to follow-up on what you learn during the conference with individual insight tailored to the challenges you face.
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I signed up for The 2015 Secret Knowledge Conference because it seemed like a safe bet that I would learn at least one useful insight to help me with my music career; I figured I'd make some good connections, too.

The Secret Knowledge Conference really delivered.

I got a lot out of the workshops but the real "secret" of the conference, for me, was what I learned from talking with the other attendees. It was super helpful to connect with other creative people who have had some success and were willing to share some keen wisdom around building career momentum and cultivating a following. I took notes voraciously.

After the conference, I went home and turned my notes into a 2016 music release, tour, and promotion plan for my band, Major Love Event. Applying what I learned at the conference made planning the next year so much easier. I finally know what my next steps are and how to go about taking them. I hope Secret Knowledge offers the conference again next year, when it comes time to start planning for 2017. I'll be there. - Rebecca Van Damm, Musician

The Secret Knowledge Conference


Your enrollment, your donations, the people you tell about Secret Knowledge, and all the ways we show up to help each other. That's what MAKES SECRET KNOWLEDGE HAPPEN.

Make a tax deductible donation to SECRET KNOWLEDGE today to help fund The Secret Knowledge Conference.  We're presently 32% of the way to our goal, with over $6400 in lead gifts raised.

Click here to donate now.


Sponsorships are open to individuals & businesses.
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