New website launched

CE South Australia is excited to launch our new website at

Find out about all things CE, which as well as camps includes: supporting country campers, grants for Your Project, and links to like-minded organisations you could get involved with. There’s also info about our past, which goes back 100 years to before Camp Cop was born.

Go on, what are you waiting for?
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Be inspired

We mean it when we said we have up to $250 for 14-21 year olds! We’ve given $1,500 away to campers over the last 3 years. Be inspired by what they’ve done to help people know and love God, and if you’ve got the beginnings of an idea we can help you put it into action.

Don’t just dream about it – apply. Closes 31 March.
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Junior Camp is all grown up

Junior Camp now features on the CE South Australia website. Check out videos and photos and involve yourself next year as a camper or volunteer. Alternatively, consider sponsoring kids from your church.
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What’s so amazing about camp?

Travis’ speaking? Freedom in worshipping? Pat’s cooking? Balloon popping and glow stick dancing? Watch Night Servicing? An amazingly complicated yet inclusive and fun CE Ball game? That CE vibe? 
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