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KINTSUGI - The Japanese art of repairing pottery with gold
to highlight imperfections, not hide them.....

Love Letter to 2020

Dear 2020,
You entered fierce and firey, frightening me into action, actions that I had been putting off year after year. Tidy up, get rid of what I didn't need, minimise, care for my family, friends and neighbours, band together, support and hold space.
I was and still am so grateful for the fierce warriors who protected us and will continue too. We banded together and raised money, vibrations and love for the folks who lost so much, the sentient beings who suffered and died, who lost homes and habitat.
And while I wasn't looking, as I was busy and concerned, another monster was brewing. I heard rumours but had no idea how this next chapter, with fear and loss being the continuing theme, was going to halt the world. A 'virus' created the environment for a different kind of fear and distrust that would effect my beautiful family, friends and yoga community.
I have seen friends disagreeing, arguing and trashing each other on social media. Many people have mentioned how they have lost friends and family over the divide due to opinions and beliefs. Honest conversations are not being had because fear stops us seeing reason. I know through much of the work that I do, that the hormones released in times of prolonged stress, may block critical thinking as we are given continued bad news, day after day and now month after month.
So 2020; this year I have had more time off than I have had in over 30yrs, my classes stopped for 4months, thankfully I had some beautiful Teacher Trainees to keep me on my toes and invent new ways of continuing. Nourished Soul Sanctum ground to a halt which has been financially challenging for both Sarah and I. However we have thrived in other ways.
And my sister, Paula and her 2 gorgeous daughters, Julia and Laura and our whole family faced an immeasurable loss, when Doug passed away.
And with all of this 2020, I am still hopeful and inspired to repair our cracked and broken hearts with gold and the hope that we will be able to choose the ending that we want. That new life and renewed hope is amongst us and our families. That we'll hold space and create a world, community and families that we are happy to be part of.
So thank you 2020, for the gift of time, to spend it with those I love, to self inquire, to come out feeling like I know myself so much better. You may have cracked me open but I see the light through those cracks and I can mend them with the gold that I've mined from the experience. I have hope and believe that there may be a beautiful shift in consciousness that allows us all to wake up and move forward as children of nature and not victims of a regime.

Love Megan xxxxxxx
Xmas & New Year News
Thanks to everyone of you for being a part of 2020 with me. From the amazing women who defied all odds and joined us for the Womens Retreat, which completed the day before lockdown. To all of those who joined me for 4 months of morning meditations on Zoom. For those of you who invested in my online course to help them though the months of no classes. And for those of you who were almost beating the door down to get back to class in July. Also to all of you patient folks who waited and waited and transferred their money from one retreat to the other as we tried to gather but couldn't, thank you, thank you, it means the world to me and Sarah.  
I wish you all a wonderful Festive Season and hope that you are able to gather together with those that you love the most. And with us during 2021.

So now as we draw to a close, with the exception of the Pacific Palms Wednesday class which has its final class this week, we will continue until Wednesday, December 23rd. Yes that means the Restorative Class at 4pm on Wednesday 23rd is ON and will be the last class of 2020.......

Classes will resume on Monday January 11th, 2021 for the 6pm class in Forster. All classes continue except the high school class which will resume in the 2nd week of 1st term, I'll send you all reminders :) xxxxx
Preparing for 2021

Some self inquiry/self care steps are a good idea as you head into 2021. Take about 20-30mins before New Year, so you can close off 2020 and start 2021 the way YOU want. Make sure you have a quiet space, you have a journal or paper to draw or write on and you could pour yourself a cup of tea and ask yourself some questions.

How do you want to see the world moving forward?
How do you want your family, children, grandchildren and their children to live in the world?
How do you feel about you?
Do you trust yourself?
Do you trust your body?
Can you forgive those that don't believe the same things as you?
Can you be part of the change that is needed for the earth and the folks that inhabit it to heal and move forward?
What would that look like?

The choice is yours and should not be made for you....

I am going to be practising the 28 Day Yoga & Health Cleanse throughout January, if any of you would like to join me, please let me know and we can stay in touch and motivate each other. If you would like to purchase the online practice, follow the above link. Its a wonderful way to develop a home practice and get some extra healthy ideas to move forward with. Jai Shiva

Gifts of Love 

If you are stuck on what to give or receive this Xmas here are some ideas from MJY.
Gift vouchers for Class Passes (10 or 5), Psych-K®️ sessions (face to face or Zoom), Massage and Energy Healing.
Gift the 28 Day Yoga & Health Cleanse.
Please call 0416 008 018 to organise.
There are
5 retreats next year that you could gift yourself
or the yogi's in your life. Bliss Out is Back :)
I'll be putting that up on our website asap. The dates are May 20 -23, 2021. And super close to home :) 
I have some yoga mats and large and small bolsters in stock.
I have some beautiful mala's and handmade Mama and Baby Balms.
I just got a shipment of Pixie Lighthorse books so please get in touch if you would like to chat about these. 

Forward Thank You Forward Thank You
If you got this far, I thank you :) In 2021 there will be a few changes to my website and I will be combining it with my OM Birth site. If you know any young families in need of support during pregnancy, birth and early parenting, please let me know. Thanks MJx
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