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~ And suddenly you just know its time to start something
new and trust the magic of beginnings ~
Meister Eckhart

More Love to give you in 2021

Retreats, Teacher Training 2021, Psych-K®️, Om Birth Wisdom & Womens Circles

You may be starting off this year a little tentatively, which is understandable. However, I'm sure you'll agree that Yoga and Wholesome Living might be a good addition or focus to have on the top of your hit list to make 2021 a year of personal change and progress. 

First order of business, I'm going off all social media, partly because its such a time waster for me but also I don't believe it actually enhances my work, if anything it has a negative effect and I could think of many more things I'd rather be doing. I'd rather spend the time writing and staying in real contact with you.

In letting you know I'm asking all of you for a FAVOUR 😉 can you please send this newsletter (see forward link below) to just one family member, friend or colleague that you think would like to know what we're doing, we can be our own shout out system. Some of the work I can do online so frankly they don't even need to be in Australia :) thank you in advance.

So some really really good news is that RETREATS are back on, we are taking bookings now for the Womens Retreat in March (18th-21st) out at Stroud. GO HERE Early Bird finishes on 4th Feb, so please check it out soon 👍

And the BLISS OUT RETREATS are back on, this time we'll be at Turtle's Crossing, Greenpoint. So close to home however completely tranquil and private, we are so excited. GO HERE

For the Love of Yoga TEACHER TRAINING will begin in May this year. The gorgeous trainees who embarked on this incredible journey at the beginning of 2020 are coming to completion, with a little extra time needed due to so many interruptions. Its been a fabulous experience and I've been inspired by their enthusiasm and willingness to extend themselves and to ask more of me. So I'm ready to begin my 4th traditional yoga training in Pacific Palms, come and join me. Go HERE and HERE for more info 🙏 The previous course information may be subject to changing and dates will be up in the next few weeks. If you would like to discuss your options please get in touch HERE.

Over the last year  I have been so grateful to have a yoga practice, family and friends that understand me and my journey and the beautiful community around me of yogi's and yogini's that keep me on my toes.

In all the conversations I've had of late, there has been a common theme of the unfolding of loss and grief, however mixed in has been hope, joy, laughter, friendships and new beginnings.

I believe you are here for a human experience, which gives you the gift of free will to go in whatever direction you choose, even if you sail off course, you can realign and find your way back. You are a creature that thrives on community and support, though sometimes you feel hesitant to put your hand up. Or would rather head into your cave and lick your wounds, and there's nothing wrong with that, I'm a cave dweller by nature, too.

I do know from personal experience during times when I had lost my way, had felt shame and disappointment in myself and my choices, that I might have drowned had I not looked out for a helping hand. Early in my journey, even the ways in which I 'helped myself' didn't always serve me for long, just supported me long enough not to go under completely. What I have learned is that nothing is forever, everything changes and there is no stopping your progress forward or the ability to change if you trust your deepest self. 

Last year I was guided towards a new way of supporting myself that opened the doorway to deep healing, easily. I learned a modality that helped me weed the garden of my unconscious mind and replant the seeds and seedlings for a new way of being. That modality is PSYCH-K®️, it was like discovering gold after years and years of searching. I have used body work, yoga, meditation and Yoga Nidra, for many years, however Psych-K seems to be a missing piece that has now enhanced my journey by relieving me of the underlying tensions that I had trouble dissolving.  

Through stress reduction and whole brain dominance theory I can help you create your own reality by identifying limiting beliefs and replacing them so that you better serve yourself into the future. 

I know some of you have experienced this with me and I'd love to hear back from you and how your travelling? I would also love to share it with more of you, SO I'm offering FREE discovery calls 15 - 20mins to chat and experience this beautiful modality. CONTACT ME If you'd like to know more check out the link below ✌️Psych-K

OM BIRTH WISDOM is back in action again. After a bit of a sabbatical last year, we have midwifery and doula support and birth education sessions. Lindi and I have been working hard behind the scenes so that we can support our local families and community better. I have some Mamas Balm and Baby Balm in stock get in touch HERE

I will also be offering WOMENS CIRCLES throughout the year, to support the ongoing growth of our community. The first circle will be held on Saturday, February 13th at 9am, at my home in Smiths Lake. Subject will be new beginnings and there will be a limit of 8-10 participants, so if you'd like to join in please contact me HERE

I have Mala's in stock and also taking orders for your own personal Mala, with your favourite mantra infused and crystals of your choice - as long as I can source them. Contact me HERE

I am also taking orders for large and small bolsters and meditation cushions. Contact me HERE

If you got all the way to here, thank you, I love you and appreciate your support  ✨🤍✨

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