Daily practices, daily prayers, and an upcoming free Earthprayer class for you!
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Spring is whispering
to cave water
emerging through mossy stone
and to violet leaf nestled
in curve of root
waiting for a
sunlight kiss
to bloom.

It is almost spring (in the Northern Hemisphere) and that means it is time for our annual Earthprayer journey together! This class is one of my favorite experiences to offer and it has all new quotes and prompts for 2018. If you'd like to take the class free, it is our gift to you with the code "freeclass" at checkout. If you would like to receive a little package in the mail to go with the class, the class is $27 and you register without using the code.

In this month's issue of the Creative Spirit Circle Journal we are also pleased to offer you some gifts in support of your daily practices. The first is a one hour audio recording about creating and maintaining a daily practice as well as about the role, power, and purpose of divination. And, the second is a printable set of daily prayer cards. May these enrich your days and encourage you on your path!

Note: The daily practices audio and prayer cards are excerpted from our ongoing year-long Everyday Magic classroom, which remains open and available here: Everyday Magic.

Other Classes

  • If you feel that "divine hum" of connection and are eager to delve into the possibilities of professional priestessing, our six month immersive Priestess journey begins in April. I pour my soul into this course and I am very much looking forward to the expanded timeframe and the depth and breadth of what we can experience during that time together!
  • Red Tent Initiation has reopened for the season. It is a self-study, rolling enrollment class meaning you can sign up and get started immediately!
  • Our local Red Tent is one of the great joys of my life and our free Voices from the Red Tent class has also been reopened. Enjoy! :)
  • And, if you are looking for an in-depth means of studying Womanrunes, you will be happy to know that the Womanrunes Immersion class is open again at last!

Spring Kits
Spring is almost here and we have surprise Spring Magic ritual kits available! We also have Spring Magic goddesses on their own. We have 40 kits available. We will also have several special grid kits available using gorgeous rough calcite in three colors and our special Dream Blossoms mandala and these will be listed in the next few days.

Shop Updates

It is taking us a bit longer than anticipated to get back to full inventory and operations after getting home from our trip. The shop is open though! We had a high volume of wholesale orders to fulfill upon our return and that slowed our ability to regenerate our shop inventory. I keep reminding myself that we can only make what we have time in the day to create and it is okay that we're not as fast as I envisioned! We are human after all, even though our work is divine. ;)

Blessings of the wild, wonderful, and wise to you,

Molly, Mark, + Family

P.S. We have begun a new Patreon for the community as well! There are many options and benefits to choose from, many of which include nifty goody packages in the mail and are unique to Patreon.

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