Weekly news: weekly ritual video + shop update
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It is a time of exhale,
when we lay things down
to look at what we're carrying
and see if it is what we
actually want to save.
It is time to sit and savor
what we've made,
what we've grown and gathered.
A time to run our hands
over the harvest
we've collected and say:
this is good,
this is enough.

This week's shop update includes our new Fall Leaves goddesses and horned gods as well as an assortment of new minis!

A reminder that the August #30DaysofGoddess prayerbooks and printables are ready for you! Our August theme is sustenance and simplicity.

This week's magic! Blog posts and resources:

What we are...


  • The Girl in His Shadow
  • To Kids: Clock of Stars
  • Just Finished: The Lost Apothecary

Listening to:


  • Nothing new. Got any ideas for me? We watched half of one episode of "Is it Cake?" and part of Kung-Fu Panda this week. That's the truth of the situation we're in. ;)
  • For you, though, you can watch the replay of the first Womancraft Publishing book club: Sisters of the Solstice Moon (You will need this passcode to access it: u6q!8nEG)

Happy about:

  • Finishing our Dancing Goddess dolls! (see photo below) We bought the bodies from Kelli (unstuffed) and then stuffed and fixed and and finished them ourselves.

Working on:

  • Fire tending for the Divine Feminine app
  • Weekly posts for Global Goddess
  • The first volume of "In the Temple of the Ordinary"--this is my book of poems that are not seasonally specific and that are not prayers, but are little stories in poem form. I had gotten really overwhelmed by the 400+ pages of poems I have to work with and realized that I could really help myself get finished by cutting down how many pieces go into a book.
  • Finished flip-through video of my July prayerbook.
  • Fall edition of the Simple Logbook (Yes, I'm still working on this. I'm simultaneously working on social media post graphics for September and October at the same time and I'm confusing myself, to be honest!)
  • My super simple prayerbook as well as my normal #30DaysofGoddess prayerbook. I made a tiny video about this for Facebook here.
  • Fall color launch!

Thinking about:

  • Family and friends and dreams and business and being present for it all, even when it feels like too much to hold.
  • What to choose/where to go with new class offering ideas.
  • New business-book idea as a collaboration with Mark (about building a business rather than about goddesses/spirituality/daily practice).
  • #365DaysofGoddess book. This will be the third in our Goddess Devotional series.
Looking forward to:

There are stories to recover 

and truths to reclaim. 

There is magic in our fingers

and wisdom in our veins. 

There are spells to unearth 

and stars in our bones. 

There are mysteries to learn

and secrets in our souls. 

Life is a ritual we live every day 

there are paths to discover 

and we know the way.

Thank you so much for being here!

Much love,

Molly, Mark, + Family

Our dolls! So pleased that we made them! They were quite challenging and almost involved some tears, FYI!

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