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May we honor life's inevitable

ebb and flow. 

May we be patient 

with our own unfolding story. 

May we make space to listen: 

to our hearts, 

to our intuition,

to the fiery core of knowing within,

to the swift hum of desire, 

to the glimmers of insight 

that light the way forward,

to the sacred as it weaves its way 

beneath the surface of our lives. 

May we trust choices 

that open space 

around our hearts,

that rest easy on our shoulders,

that balance lightly in the palms, 

that chime with graceful certainty 

in the center of our beings. 

This week's shop update is small since we are getting ready to be closed for a few days. However, we have some fun new things for you as well: stone acorns, fall sticker packs, more Tarot card pendants, some Devis in a new color, and Fall Logbooks too.

NOTE: September prayerbooks for #30DaysofGoddess are also in the shop! Fresh "cut your own" daily practice expansion decks are ready for you as well!

Reminder: the etsy shop will be closed August 27-31 and there will be no newsletter or ritual video that Friday (the 2nd). However, get ready, because we have a big Labor Day sale for you starting on the 31st when we reopen!

This week's magic! Blog posts and resources:

What we are...


  • Escape from Falaise (to kids)
  • Almost Finished: Don't Just Sit There, Do Nothing
  • Just Finished: Five Good Minutes of Mindfulness, Four Thousand Weeks

Listening to:


  • She-Hulk: Attorney at Law.
  • Merlin.
  • A cute little travel show on Netflix called World's Most Amazing Vacation Rentals.
  • Sandman (just Mark and I are watching this--we have a big age range of kids, 7-18, so a lot of shows are not good choices for the whole family).

Happy about:

Working on:

  • "Make Your Own Magic" prayerbook, fall edition, for you all to have next month.
  • Winter Magic surprises for the Goddess Magic community on Patreon.
  • Getting our oldest son established in college and adapting to this big change/new family routine. This week represented the very first, first day of school for any of the kids in our house!

Thinking about:

  • Videos and an opt-in offer for an exciting new business project I'm working on with Mark.
  • The power of CHOOSING and embracing our limits--there really is power in embracing the human limits of a human-scaled life. Sometimes this means choosing between equally good, positive options, but often only one can really get your passion. In the Four Thousand Weeks book, he recommends strategically neglecting some areas (even good causes and worthy projects) to really focus on others and being okay with that, because we literally can't do everything and that's okay. I know some people don't like thinking this way, but I really found this author's emphasis on embracing "finitude" very empowering.
  • How to continue balancing the reduced social media hours I need with the need to connect with our community. Cauldron Month is coming to an end and I'm not planning to re-install any social media on my phone even when it is over! However, it is also important to me to share poems and photos and to see people's posts and prayerbook pages, so I don't want to totally abandon it, I just want to de-center it, which I have definitely successfully done this month.
  • This quote from Hiro Boga: "That thing that you shoulda/oughta/gotta do but aren’t doing? Kiss it tenderly and wave goodbye. Trust the gifts of resistance: Divine timing; right relationship with yourself, your soul, your rambling creativity. Make friends with patience, with uncertainty. Today, embrace your meandering stuttering progress. Trust your soul — it’s spinning a dance whose choreography your body knows."
Looking forward to:
  • This week's upcoming mini vacation with our kids (and extended family) to Table Rock Lake. We're doing a family pontoon boat excursion again and I'm stocking up on fun boat snacks (I'm not cool enough to come up with a full "snacklebox" to have on the boat though, even though it would be fun!)
  • Gaea Goddess Gathering in Kansas in September!
  • Continuing to see Lann's college journey unfold as he spreads his wings.
Perhaps we shed the pressure
to perform or please
and grant ourselves grace,
being patient with our own timing,
the slow growth of wisdom,
and the steady pulse
of our deepest truth.

Thank you so much for being here!

Much love,

Molly, Mark, + Family


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