Liminal space, claiming your magic, and lighting up a pumpkin....ideas and resources for October Magic
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“The autumn woman moves towards dreamtime. Though she knows her limits, she has also felt limitless. She has known the ineffable. She wakes at night from dreams of high windy places where small blue flowers bloom, and she knows in her bones that such places exist. Luminous beings appear in her dreams and pull her towards them. She recognizes the dust of infinity in a windstorm, the fragrance of timelessness in a fire…”

—Patricia Monaghan, excerpted from Seasons of the Witch
This month we offer you a free October Magic ritual kit containing a liminal space ritual outline, a family Samhain article, two card layouts, and a Hecate Wheel. Enjoy!

An audio recording about the magic of the season as well as reflections about weaving a strong "ritual basket" is available here.

Our free Everyday Magic classroom also contains additional resources from the community available for you in the last week of the month. If you have not registered for the classroom yet, it is free and you can do so here. (If you have registered, you can sign in here.)

Note: The shop will be closed for ten days starting on October 13.

The time of Samhain (as well as points of significant personal transition (such as childbirth), find us in a time of liminal space.
"In anthropology, a liminal space is a threshold. It’s an ambiguous space in the middle stage of rituals, when participants no longer hold their pre-ritual status but have not yet begun the transition to the status they will hold when the ritual is complete. That liminal space finds us between who we once were and who we are becoming. It’s disorienting, uncomfortable, and it almost always takes far longer than we expect."

Heather Plett explains that liminal spaces might feel like "wasting time" or like "nothing is happening," but truly, "It’s a time of hibernation, a time of transformation, a time of resting, and a time of deep learning."

Samhain Kits and Goddesses

We are pleased to announce our Samhain Magic goddesses

We also still have our Harvest Queen Story Goddess with her bronze belt and accessories.

And, we have our Samhain goddess with silver owl and glittery orange sparkles.

We have our other sculpts available in our Deepening, Hearthfire, and Harvest Magic pigments as well.

The veil is thin.
I spin the web.
I call the circle.
I honor the ancestors.
I am she who
weaves the whole
She who
holds the all
She who
knows the pattern of the ages.

May we walk through this liminal dreamtime with awareness and curiosity and may we hold our own transitions with compassion and tender patience.

October Blessings to you all!

Molly, Mark, + Family

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