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There is nothing tidy here
life is too broad and billowing
to be contained,
by lists and wishes
and well-laid plans,
or even by thin and bloodless prayers.
There is nothing tidy here,
expect wild winds and sharp teeth
amid the violets and sunrises.
There is nothing tidy here,
the world a great jumble
of twining grapevine,
sprawling brambles,
winding roots,
and beating hearts.
There is nothing to do
with such an untidy world,
but whirl with the wonder of it all,
keeping your hand outstretched
to touch everything,
even if your feet bleed
and your skin is streaked
with sorrow and joy.

This week, I offer a brief audio about Adversity and Normalcy.
Questions from this audio:
  • How might the dualism between normal and not normal be causing you pain?
  • Are you telling yourself that because something feels challenging, that means it is wrong? How might things shift if you viewed difficulties or adversity as part of normal life?
  • Are you demanding too much of yourself, causing yourself cruelty?
  • Where might you need an "of course" response in your life?

without fixing.



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