A Gratitude Ritual Kit for You!
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"Imagine that at every moment we each embraced the world as the gift it is: an apple is a gift; the color pink is a gift; the blue sky is a gift, the scent of honeysuckle is a gift."

--Rabbi Marcia Prager

What gifts are you acknowledging in gratitude today? What are you grateful for?

I am grateful that my work in the world includes creating ritual packets in my tiny temple to share with all of you! This month, we are pleased to offer you this Gratitude Ritual Kit. The Kit includes an article and a Womanrunes card layout about the Three Cauldrons of Life. These Three Cauldrons are Vitality, Connection, and Contribution.

How are you tending the Cauldrons of your life?

Sometimes during the busy holiday season, it can be easy to let one or more of our cauldrons get depleted or exhausted. I wish you each the opportunity to thrive, grow, blossom, and share your gifts with others.

In addition to the gift of this Gratitude Kit for you, we also are continuing to offer our 2017 Calamoondala mini class for free!

I speak of deep places.
The wisdom of endarkenment.
The womenergy that spins cells
into souls
into being.
This is our sacred path.
A woman's journey to herself.

We will continue to make our special Limited Edition Winter Story Goddesses and Ornaments until the end of the month. We also have beautiful winter ritual kits and have introduced some new Story Gods into the shop.

On the blog:

Featured Goddess

Our featured Story Goddess this month is actually our new Word of the Year Goddesses! I am totally in love with these. It feels like such an honor to co-create them with you and Dragonfly Inspirations. You can read more about them in their companion blog post.

What we're reading:

What We're Writing (blog posts by CSC members)

Have Goddess, Will Travel...

Cerridwen at the Chalice Well in Glastonbury

(photo by Rebecca of Your Shero's Journey)

Lilith at Warner Brother Studios in Burbank, CA.

(photo by Lisa Murphy)


Gratitude for the real
The holy
The potently ordinary
The powerfully mundane
Gratitude for sacred space to which we may return
Again and again
As inexhaustible and powerful
As the sweep of wind through branches
The river’s song
And the silent watchfulness of stone…

Shop News:

The November free gift for members is one of several winter-themed charms. Mention "winter" in your order comments and we'll pop it in. No order too small!

New Classes!

“There is magic in all seasons, but winter’s magic is most concise, most dense, most crystalline. It is diamond magic, cool and brilliant, not the fiery magic of coal. It is laser fineness, precise direction…”

–Patricia Monaghan, Seasons of the Witch

May this crystalline season delight you with its magic.

Blessings to you all!

Molly, Mark, + Family

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