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May you make your own magic
out of weeds and wonder.
May you create your own enchantments
from the stuff of mud and memory.
May you spin your own spells
from threads of raindrops and roses.
May you breathe in the knowing
that you hold the power
to make the world anew,
your fingers the instruments
of a fresh song.

The audio for this week is a reading of the poem Freedom + associated questions and reflections from the book Tea with the Midnight Muse.
Questions for this week:
  • What comes first, the dream or the wing?
  • What is that you're flying toward?
  • What does it feel like to consider that your whole life might be in front of you, instead of behind you?
  • What would bring more freedom to your mind, your life, your body, your heart?
Inviting you to take a deep breath today...
letting it soak into your bones
feeling a peace settle in your heart
letting everything drift away for a moment
and bringing yourself here
into your body
right now.

May you spread your wings,


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