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Today, there is clear air 

and a sweet breeze,

my breath comes easy 

and my shoulders are soft. 

There is a brief reprieve from the heat, 

a cool whisper 

of gentleness yet to come. 

I sit and celebrate 

the soft, small magics of today, 

centered in my body,

settled in my soul,

here to notice what unfolds.

This week's shop update primarily includes assorted color experiments (in various styles) and some more of our brand new minis and new pocket sized goddesses. We will be adding to this series as the year goes on.

A reminder that the August #30DaysofGoddess prayerbooks and cut-your-own expansions are also ready for you! Our August theme is sustenance and simplicity.

This week's magic! Blog posts and resources:

What we are...


  • World of Wonders
  • The Lost Apothecary
  • Just Finished: The Untethered Soul, Strangeworlds Travel Agency
  • Just Got: The Girl in His Shadow

Listening to:


  • Altar tour video from Jessica and the Moon (featuring some BG statues). 
  • Walking Prayers (only three minutes, very powerful spoken word performance by Gina Loring).

Working on:.

  • We'Moon contributions for the 2024 datebook--the deadline (August 1) is fast approaching and I keep running out of time on the days I've thought I'd work on it!
  • New graphics for September and October's #30DaysofGoddess practices.
  • More of our newly re-designed Story Goddess minis in more colors (note: a rebooted Story God mini is also in the works over here).
  • Fall edition of the Simple Logbook
  • Daily Practice/Walking with the Goddess book

Thinking about:

  • Ideas for some simple, short books instead of the giant magnum opus I'm trying to write.
  • Mark's new health diagnosis and how to adapt.
  • Ideas for simple four week classes/devotional experiences.
  • Planning a cauldron month again for August.
  • Going on a solitude retreat (this place is only about 90 minutes away from me).
  • How much I love our new sliding glass door in the bedroom! It is so wonderful to have a big clear open space into which to gaze each day.
  • This quote from Living Untethered: “Science shows us that every moment before us is worthy of great respect. A spiritual person understands these truths, ingrains them into their being, and lives their life accordingly. If it took 13.8 billion years for the moment in front of you to get there, and it took 13.8 billion years for you to end up in front of that moment, every moment is indeed a match made in heaven…” —Michael Singer (Living Untethered)
Looking forward to: May a warm sun touch your shoulders,
may rain kiss your face,
may a fresh breeze soothe your busy mind,
may a solid earth rise up to hold your feet
as you follow your own true path.

Thank you so much for being here!

Much love,

Molly, Mark, + Family

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