Weekly news: weekly ritual video + shop update
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May I know my own power,
may I trust my own magic,
may I feel my own strength,
may I live my own purpose,
may I remember I breathe
the breath of the holy,
today is its own sacred text.

So excited to announce that the first of our new Devi figurines are now in the shop! We will be adding to this series as the year goes on. And, we have been keeping a little secret--we made some new pocket Story Goddesses (bigger than a mini, smaller than a regular Story Goddess, they fit into a small travel altar tin or into your pocket and feel really great to hold in your hand).

Also, August #30DaysofGoddess prayerbooks and cut-your-own expansions are ready. This month is the anniversary of the publication of the companion daily practice deck and we're having a deck giveaway on Instagram as well!

This week's magic! Blog posts and resources:

What we are...


  • The Spiral Dance (working through with a small group)
  • The Untethered Soul
  • To kids: Strangeworlds Travel Agency
  • Just got from library: World of Wonders and The Lost Apothecary
  • Just learned about: Guide to Crone Rituals (by Meg Bowman)

Listening to:


Working on:

  • More of our newly re-designed Story Goddess minis in more colors (note: a rebooted Story God mini is also in the works here).
  • Fall edition of the Simple Logbook.
  • We'Moon contributions for the 2024 datebook--the deadline is fast approaching and I keep running out of time on the days I've thought I'd work on it!
  • New graphics for September and October's #30DaysofGoddess practices.
  • Fire-tending for the Divine Feminine App.
  • Putting a sliding glass door into our bedroom! This involves significant de-construction and re-construction, but I need light. See below this message for some photos of our progress. This is a big job and it isn't finished yet, but it has made such a huge difference already.

Thinking about:

  • How many things always need time and attention and how this is part of a full life/full living, while at the same time needing to carve out space to sit and gaze out at the horizon. The days in which we are the most scattered and spent are the days we need our practices the most, not the days to let them go.
  • Mark's new health diagnosis and how to adapt.
  • Ordering books and supplies for the upcoming year of homeschooling (we use Blossom and Root).
  • Reminder from Mara Glatzel's Needy podcast: "Look at the day you have and see what it is doable. If it is five minutes, great. If it is ten minutes, great. Something is always, always better than nothing. This practice is a way of doing what is doable daily, keeping that priority front and center and braiding it into the messy middle of your daily life.”
Looking forward to: There are visions to hold
and heartsongs to sing.
There are prayers
to live into being.

Thank you so much for being here!

Much love,

Molly, Mark, + Family

Door progress pictures!




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