Happy October!
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October Magic

May we refuse to surrender
wholeness and joy

despite so many pressures
to cast them away.
May we gather them up
tenderly and boldly,
with the light of resistance in our eyes,
hold them close to our hearts,
press them against our skin,
allow them to sink into us,
inseparable from our own bones.


This month we offer you several fresh resources as well as some old favorites:
  • First, just a little gift--a set of four recent prayercards for you.
  • A perpetual, self-study version of #7DaysofGoddess is now available. This includes printables, prayers, and practices to nourish your daily devotional work.
  • My interview with Home to Her about Walking with Persephone and embracing a mythopoetic life is now available to listen to here.
  • An audio about organizing your life--and the idea that maybe you don't have to!--is here.
  • Our classic original free class, Introduction to Womanrunes, has reopened in our new classroom space.
  • October practice update and video for #30DaysofGoddess is here.
October Shop Update
  • We are hard at work advance prepping winter inventory which will be released on the November 5th shop update.
  • We ordered a few extra of the pumpkin-covered October prayerbooks for #30DaysofGoddess and they are available in the shop and via Lulu directly. Remember that any of the books can be used at any time--there is no behind. I have November and December prayerbooks laid out and ordered already to try to get a jump start on holiday shipping speeds.
  • And, the companion goddess devotional decks are now available in the shop!
  • Walking with Persephone has been released and we have books, gift set copies, and Persephone Goddesses in the shop.
  • And, below you will spot a sneak peek of the new Goddess of Willendorf we're working on! (also to be released in November)
#30DaysofGoddess Practice Update
Please make sure to sign up for the dedicated newsletter to keep up to date on what I'm creating to share with you. And, remember we do have a a dedicated home page for the practice as well, which is updated at least once a month.
Companion daily devotional decks!
A reminder that our new companion goddess devotional decks have arrived and are now listed in the shop. I'm so thrilled to offer this simple addition to your daily practices, with virtually endless possibilities and ways to combine and integrate these resources with your existing practices.

These decks of 100 cards in a double-size tin case can be split into three decks: prompts, prayers, and practices. I'm incredibly thrilled to bring these into being! A full deck unboxing is on Youtube here.
Fraud Alert!
We continue to struggle to struggle with fake websites fraudulently stealing our photos, goddess descriptions and customer reviews and running Facebook ads using our stolen material. These companies do not have any of our goddesses to ship and are flagrantly and persistently pirating from us. Please be aware that any ads you see on your Facebook feed for our Green Witch goddesses or other goddesses using photos of my hand and exact copies of our descriptions from our etsy shop are unauthorized and completely fake (one way to know this is by the oddly titled names of the pages, suspicious looking ad copy with lots of emoji's and "act fast" type of language, and while the ad itself may have many likes and shares, you will see very few likes on the page running the ad itself. The page running the ad will also have little to no additional posts or information available on it). Make sure to report these ads and the pages running them to Facebook as often as possible. I have a blog post explaining a bit more about this here.

Upcoming Events (virtual)


If I squint,
I can almost see steam lifting
from a cauldron in the forest
and smell change drifting
through the air.
I am looking at the shards
of the year,
some new-broken,
some re-collected,
some shining with possibility,
and I feel the call,
the urge,
the promise,
to tip them all into that bubbling vat
and see what She will
steep me into next.
We are invited each day
into newness,
into breathing the very breath
of the World Spirit herself.
We are invited into presence,
into the commonplace magic
that keeps the world turning
and our hearts beating.
Here we are in the temple
of the ordinary,
watching the sky.
May we settle into our bones
and feel our pulse in our wrists.
May we accept the invitation
to sit with joy
and create our lives. 

(*Samhain Muse photo to the right is by a customer, Victoria Barnett, and I just adore it!

Happy October!

Molly, Mark, + Family

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