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Welcoming the May

I am the blossom, I am the bee
I am the branch, I am the squirrel

I am the acorn, I am the oak
I am the breath, I am the words
I am the space, I am the fullness
I am the song of the May.

This month we offer you a fun free gift:

It contains ritual ideas as well as additional affirmation cards that go with the Dream Blossoms kit from last month. Enjoy!

Also, I made a recording of our weekly mini ritual from the Facebook Circle and it is available here

This is a long issue of the Creative Spirit Circle Journal! We'll begin with shop announcements and new products, but make sure to keep scrolling down for an article on Lying Fallow (rather than bursting with new life in the spring), a poem, and an article about Morning Rituals.

Upcoming courses: 
I'd love to invite you to join our next adventure: the spring section of the Goddess Magic Circle. This intimate, small, personal circle is a unique, co-creative, journey through everyday magic, women's spirituality, and the power of personal ceremony. I describe it as not really being an "online circle" or a class (though, yes, it is online), because you bring the work deeply into your own life and then return to the safe container of the online group in order to share your experiences with others. This Circle is open to people at any "level" of experience, whether you are new to a goddess path or have been walking with her for 30 years, we can all learn and experience together. I do not consider myself the "teacher" of this class, but rather a witness, guardian, and guide. It is $60 for three months, which is a lovely bargain for weekly content, ritual packets, and sacred connection!

Product Announcements:

This month we've introduced a lot of new goddesses (as well as a Horned Story God! Our Green Man sculpture is also available until May 5th)!

We also have Hecate pendants and Gaia candle holders. AND, we have a sale on the last five deluxe spring ritual kits, which includes a beautiful, limited edition ice-dyed silk mandala altar cloth.

poem by Mariah-Jade

I am the rising storm.
Within me a current of emotions.
I have risen from the sea,
I will rise above even me.

I whip around inside myself.
Which way is up, which way is down?
I might fall, my wind twisting myself around,
but I am cherished on the ground.

Full to the brim of thoughts inciting change.
Don't you know gray isn't the only sky color.
I want to restart somewhere, anywhere,
And cleanse with a storm from the sea.

(spring Gaia photo by Amanda Crowe)

Laying Fallow by Angelique Autumn

If only we paid more attention to the Teachings of the Earth, I think we would have an easier time making our way on this Life Journey. We have learned to be "in a hurry" and "busy" and as such we miss not only the magickal offerings of a magnificent Rainbow or a Delicious Sunset, but we miss that which Gaia has in Her Lesson Book for the day for us! One Lesson that seems to be the hardest for us to Learn is What to do when She tells us it is time to Lay Fallow for a Season!

Farmers know that planting year after year will eventually deplete the soil of the nutrients needed for a healthy crop. So, every 7-10 years they choose to not plant in a field; to let it just be; soaking up rain and sun and the nutrients needed to replenish that which has been drained out of it. Smart Farmers don't wait until they produce a poor crop, they Hear the Cry of the Field before then and Respond by letting the Field Lay Fallow for a Season. For most Fields this is only for one Season, but sometimes the Farmer Knows the Field well enough that a second and third Season is required!

Fallow Fields are not attractive are they? They are usually bare and brown and seem Worthless. But the Good Farmer Sees this Field as in it's Resting time and can see the bountiful crop that will once again bless the Field after Laying Fallow. The Smart Farmer does not grieve the loss of income while in this stage, the Smart Farmer knows that the time will come once again when what blooms forth will bring blessing three fold if she will only Wait!

This is the message from Gaia to Her blessed Humans. We live such hurried lives that eventually we deplete our reserves. Or we suffer from an illness that depletes us and we need time to heal, reflect, and regain the strength to continue to produce the Gifts of Goddess!

Most of us have been convinced that if we stop for one moment (even to eat at a fast food restaurant) that we will "get behind" or we will "disappoint someone" or everything will "fall apart." We complain of being "tired", sick or depressed. We push ourselves, drink energy drinks and have insomnia to keep ourselves going at this pace we have produced for ourselves. And then we are surprised when we do in fact get "put to bed" with an illness or have to go to the hospital for exhaustion. We are surprised when we begin to forget appointments or even forget to eat or pick up our kids from day care. We are depleted and thus are unable to produce good Crop!

For most of us, Gaia has been yelling at us to Lay Fallow for sometime. But we are too busy or too impatient to Listen.

Laying Fallow is necessary! It is the law in the Garden. Goddess wants Her Children to Produce Good Crop, but She knows it is only when we care for our precious Selves just like the Good Farmer cares for His Precious Field that this will happen.

Gaia's Lesson is that Laying Fallow is Necessary and is OK. That is Necessary for Growth, for Balance and for Her Light to be able to Shine through us. But it will be hard! It will be so hard because others will look at us as weak, as undependable and we don't like those labels.

Yet, Gaia is calling each of us to Lay Fallow for a Season. It will be different for each of us. But the Trick is to do it before we see that the Crop we are producing is rotten, small and depleted. If we Listen and Learn then we will be ready when Gaia tells us it is Time to begin Producing again! And the Field will be delicious, it will be hardy and strong and healthy!

Gaia Speaks! Is She Speaking to You?

Blessed be! 
Everyday Magic With Morning Rituals
By Heidi Lane (from her blog)

Every so often this question pops up in groups I’m a part of on social media: “What sort of morning rituals do people have?” I love that people think to ask this question because I am a big believer in morning rituals. Mornings tend to be a hectic time for many (most?) people with all of the rushing around to get out the door, but what if you devoted just five or ten minutes to a morning ritual? You may be thinking, “I don’t have five or ten minutes in the morning.” Hear me out. Think about how it would feel to have that five minutes set aside for yourself. How would that shift your energy for the day ahead?

My morning ritual has developed and evolved over time. I take about ten to fifteen minutes each morning to do my ritual, sometimes a little longer if time allows it. It’s become a necessity as I’ve realized by making myself a priority for that slice of time puts me in a more centered place of being. It sets the tone for the rest of my day.

Not sure what your own morning ritual would look like? Here is an overview of mine to give you some ideas to craft your own:
My morning ritual begins by starting the coffeemaker so that I can end my ritual with a hot cup of coffee goodness. Over at my altar, I burn sage and light a candle, taking some deep breaths. I say a prayer to the Divine, giving thanks for a new day and asking for guidance in the day ahead. If I know of anyone who is in need of healing, I send healing energy to them and then send loving, white light into the world. There’s a piece of angel quartz on my altar that I hold while asking the angels to surround myself and my loved ones so that we may be protected from any harm that may come our way. Before extinguishing the candle’s flame, I take a moment to ground myself and envision myself surrounded by a sphere of white light while saying, “I encircle myself in the white light of the Divine’s love and protection. I only let positive thoughts and energy affect me and am not influenced by the negativity of others.” (adapted from John Edward’s book Infinite Quest.)

If any chakras feel like they may need to be stimulated, I’ll perform a chakra exercise for that particular chakra (I love the simple exercises offered in Marie Manuchehri’s book Intuitive Self-Healing). For some guidance, I pull three Tarot cards, asking what I need to know for the day or what message I need to focus on, and then intuitively pick out an oracle deck to draw a card from. The oracle card stays on my altar so that I can reflect on it throughout the day. My interpretation of the cards I have drawn gets jotted down in my journal and I thank my guides for their guidance. Before leaving my altar, I consult my crystals to pick which one I need to carry with me for that day.

By this time, the coffee is ready. My ritual ends by me saying words of intention for my day into my cup of coffee, visualizing them swirling into the caffeinated potion as I drink them in.

Creating a morning ritual takes time and, like with anything else, you need to put in the effort to make it a habit. But believe me, the benefits are so worth it and you will notice the difference it makes when you miss a day of doing your ritual. My advice is to start small. Maybe just give yourself five minutes to have a cup of coffee or tea before you leave the house. Close your eyes and be present with your drink of choice, not allowing yourself to multi-task. If that works for you and that’s all you want to do, then that’s perfect. The point is to make your morning ritual your morning ritual. Make yourself a priority and give yourself permission to have that time for yourself.

May you know the warmth of sunshine and of smiles
May you celebrate friendship and solitude
May you open your arms to someone’s first step
May you cry well, laugh often, and feel much
May you feel the deep connection between past and future
And may you dwell in all the fullness of your days.

Molly, Mark, + Family

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