Do you feel a bone-deep resonance with the Priestess?
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Women choosing to walk the path of the priestess have answered a deep inner calling. Hearing within and resonating passionately to the ancient call of the Great Mother, a time came when each heart knew with absolute certainty… yes, this is it… Hers is the work I am to do…the very reason I’ve incarnated at this time! For me personally, the actual word “priestess” whenever spoken created an ecstatic internal hum, a familiar vibration that was/is one of pure bliss…

–Sharon Fallon Shreve

I have found myself stalled a bit on the preparation of this August issue of your Creative Spirit Circle Journal. The direction I originally intended to go, no longer feels like the right timing and there is so very much to share, it is hard to know where to begin!

As we prepare for the next intensive Practical Priestessing and Red Tent Initiation courses, the above quote from Sharon Shreve is on my mind, as well as one of my favorites: “… Every day, we witness the positive, transformative effects of, ‘restoring women to ceremony.’” This work of restoring ourselves to ceremony, to responding to the divine hum, and to reaching out in sisterhood and connection is the heart and soul of my work and both of these trainings.

Do you hear the Divine Hum? How have you been called to this work? How do you know it is for you?

  • If you feel the Divine Hum within your bones…
  • If you thrive in a small group setting with lots of interaction, feedback, and personal communication…
  • If you want real supplies and start-up materials and not just a collection of pdfs. These resources connect you to me and to the other women around the world who have taken this training AND they also provide you with a starter kit of supplies and resources to use directly in your own Circles.
  • If you want ongoing support, access to new resources and materials, and idea-sharing…

And, if you’re willing to explore not just the powerful transformation and exhilaration present in doing face-to-face priestessing, but also wrestle with the messiness, shadows, and complexities of real-life, face to face work with a women’s circle…

I invite you to join me in either the Practical Priestessing or the Red Tent Initiation courses both beginning on August 29th.

Why work with me?

I am someone who is really doing this. I have devoted more than six years of academic study to vocational priestessing (and written a dissertation on the subject!) as well as many years of practical service, trial and error, risk and reward, triumph and self-doubt, and I continue to work and to try again when I stumble…

I am real. I’m not sweeping through the streets of an exotic vacation destination with high heels and perfect hair, promising you wealth and freedom. Nor am I rolling around in the floor in a pile of rose petals (though that could be fun!). I will not be or promise perfect nor will I provide you with a glamorized, screenplay version of what it means to engage in modern priestessing within a community. I am sometimes frazzled and overwhelmed and intense and distracted, but I am always wholehearted and enthusiastic and I have been described as, “living life with more intention than anyone I’ve ever met.” When I say real,  I mean I am flawed, human, and in the mother stage of life (four kids ranging from 1-12). I’m not super Zen and I am rarely described as “mellow” or “calm.” What I am is experienced, practical, a great organizer, and a skilled teacher and facilitator. And, I believe deeply in the life-changing value of this work.

When I say “practical priestessing,” I mean that I recognize that sometimes babies have poopy diapers, people make fart jokes, people laugh at the “wrong” times, carefully planned meditations can end up being awkward, and sometimes, just sometimes, the altar catches on fire. At the same time, I am absolutely confident that the model of women’s circle work that I have developed and share within both trainings can be successfully used across the country (and, indeed, around the world) to create a nurturing, powerful, empowering Circle experience, whether you live in the central Midwest, as I do, on either coast, or in Wales, Canada, or France.

I can’t promise these trainings will make you fearless. I can promise that they will help you walk within the fear to do it anyway!

I won’t promise it will always be magical. I won’t pretend that I have all the answers or have it all figured out. I will promise that it will be worth it.

I know of no other trainings that are so thorough, so focused, so comprehensive, and so rooted in genuine practice and practical, applicable skills and techniques. I am proud to offer them to you and I hope you will accept my invitation.

Are you ready to gather the women? It is time to rise. To circle in ceremony, sisterhood, and song…

This issue of the Creative Spirit Circle Journal includes a special guest post about channeling your inner Artemis by astrologer Jen Howell.

And, I offer you a powerful new free mini class: Introduction to Thealogy (Goddess Studies and Ritual). I am honored, humbled, and inspired by what the women in the course have shared and experienced so far. The mini course remains open for free registration until the end of August.

What we're reading:
  • Some of the Creative Spirit Circle members participate in a book club founded by Jody, one of our members. The Phoenix Rising Book Club is currently reading Burning Woman by Lucy Pearce and we also have books picked out for the remaining four months of the year.
  • The Goddess in America, forthcoming from Moon Books this fall, is a highly recommended anthology of insightful essays about the meaning, role, expression, and experience of the Goddess in the United States. This is not a 101 or introductory book, but rather a complex exploration of a variety of topics including cultural appropriation, differences between feminist goddess spirituality and Wicca, contemporary priestessing, pop culture goddesses, goth goddesses, polytheism vs monotheistic concepts (i.e .the difference between "all goddesses as one" and each goddess as an individual), goddesses and the land and whether goddesses can be "transported" to other locations/lands, and much more. The book contains contributions from nineteen writers with diverse perspectives and experiences and it identifies the "enduring experience of Goddess Spirituality through a four-part discussion focused on the Native Goddess, the Migrant Goddess, the Goddess in relation to other aspects of American culture (Feminism, Christianity, Witchcraft, etc.) and the Goddess in contemporary America."

    Read full review here.
What we're writing:

I love reading the interesting thoughts that CSC members share in their blog posts. Here are some selections: Have Goddess, Will Travel...
Cerridwen on the beach in Wales...

(photo shared by the always magical Rebecca of Your Shero's Journey)

Shop News:

We've been enjoying a fruitful "Cauldron Month" as a family: a family vacation to a river cabin with no internet access, a week of  "staycation" with our kids, lots of face-to-face rituals and ceremonies, and some brand new products just beginning to bubble out and become available. We haven't had nearly as much time as I envisioned to daydream and strategize and plan and schedule and play with new ideas. The business-focused retreat/incubation time that we really need, still needs to manifest... (I think basically, the truth is that whatever else is going on, we still have four kids!) Our river mini vacation was wonderful and our staycation was pretty packed! We went bowling, went out to dinner twice, rode go karts, played many games of Memory, rented movies, went to the (close by) river, went out for ice cream, and painted pottery together.

My new word of the year usually finds me in August. For 2017 it is Thrive!

(photo is from working on the nature mandala for this month's chanting workshop and late summer family ritual)

The etsy shop is back to full inventory again as of Monday. We are also pleased to unveil our new Fall Ritual Kits! We have several options:

  • Deluxe Kit including sparkly copper Autumn Story Goddess and Triple Moon Altar Cloth (we only planned to have ten of these deluxe kits available, but they all sold out within two hours of listing them! So, we quickly asked our dye artist and shop assistant to make ten more of the altar cloths and so we will have those ten available next week).
  • Simple Kit (no special cloth)
  • Autumn Story Goddess on her own

The August free gift for members is a tiny cauldron charm. Mention "cauldron" in your order comments and we'll pop it in. No order too small!

As we emerge from our Cauldron Month, I'd like to invite new participants to join the next three month Goddess Magic Circle! This Circle is a unique, co-creative endeavor and offered so many surprises and a broader depth of experience than I ever imagined when I first decided to create it this spring. It is not really a "class" or an "online circle" (though it does take place online and we have participants from six countries!), but it is rather a shared, unfolding experience. I don't have it all planned out in advance, though I do commit to offering a specific amount and type of material and experiences. I couldn't believe how much emerged from the first three months (May-July) and I'm excited to embark on another three months (Sept-Nov).

Registration is open here.

Blessings to you all for a joyful, creative, and thriving month!

Molly, Mark, + Family

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