Happy Samhain!
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Samhain Magic

Listen for the voices of
grandmothers on the wind.
Watch for lessons
in autumn’s palette
of gold and rust.
Sense the steam
rising from a cauldron
of possibility
and tend it well and wisely,
for something has been steeping
and is almost ready to taste.
Allow the cloak of mystery
to settle on your shoulders,
the color of rain and shadows.
Be alert for gifts that rise up
from below as soft and silent
and surprising as mushroom.
You are connected to a network
of unseen wonder.
Make your own song
with notes of coyote and thunder.
Content yourself with not knowing,
with dream wisdom,
with the taste of chamomile tea
and questions.
Wander through the mist
watching for teachers
on hoof and wing.
Find all the scraps
of meaning you can
and savor them
with reverence and patience.
Remember that what you consume
is what you create.
Follow where you need to go.
Come undone.
Unravel obligation and desire
and dance with ashes,
bones, and grief.
Make an offering of devotion
as deep and curious as night.
Rest your hand against
the prayer that beats
inside your chest.
Remember and wait.

I usually only send out one newsletter a month, but I was collecting some Samhain themed resources into a blog post today and realized it was a nice little assortment for a small bonus newsletter at the end of October. Enjoy!

First, I wanted to make sure to let you know that we are co-hosting a free online Samhain concert tonight with Celia Farran in our Creative Spirit Circle Facebook group. A replay will be available.

And, a few surprise gifts!
  • Here is a small bundle of Samhain-themed card layouts! These were created from Womanrunes, but can be used with any oracle deck system:

  • And, I made a quick little two minute mini ritual for Samhain! This brief video uses Womanrunes as well as the #30DaysofGoddess companion deck. The album I reference in the video is from Sharon Knight and T. Thorn Coyle here.

Other Updates
  • Our Yuletide shop update is scheduled for November 5th.
  • The free resources for November’s #30DaysofGoddess devotional practice are available for you here.
  • And, November prayerbooks are in the shop here.

We are invited into presence,
into the commonplace magic
that keeps the world turning
and our hearts beating.
Here we are in the temple
of the ordinary,
watching the sky.
May we settle into our bones
and feel our pulse in our wrists.
May we accept the invitation
to sit with joy
and create our lives.

Happy Samhain!

Molly, Mark, + Family

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